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find their way in the world

Welcome to The Healing in Harmony Center

Your spiritual journey has brought you to this site so our lives could intersect at some level.  Please explore and perhaps you will find out why.  Whether it be a service, a class or a special event you will find yourself immersed in a community of seekers.  All the times you thought you were different....different gathers here.

Make sure you visit the Workshops and Events page for the most updated list of events happening at the Center and throughout the local area.

Take a look around and see what interests you.  Some of the offerings include:

Enjoy your journey!

Priscilla Bengtson, owner

For information on programs and services, please call 860.430.9801 or email


I am moving online!

On July 31, 2020, the physical space of The Healing in Harmony Center will be closing.  I will be moving to an online platform with an app, online learning system, Facebook groups and Zoom.   It is time to reach a global market and with the current state of world, staying in a physical building will limit my ability to reach and impact more people.  I hope you will continue to join me in this next phase of growth.


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