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Your spiritual journey has brought you to this site so our lives could intersect at some level.  Please explore and perhaps you will find out why.  Whether it be a service, a class or a special event you will find yourself immersed in a community of seekers.  All the times you thought you were different....different gathers here.

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Take a look around and see what interests you.  Some of the offerings include:

Enjoy your journey!

Priscilla Bengtson, owner

For information on programs and services, please call 860.430.9801 or email info@healinginharmonycenter.com.

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Make sure you check out the podcast called, This Life or Something Better.  The podcast started as a project with my niece. The earlier episode are two women, two generations, following similar paths and sharing the wisdom we have learned about life, spirituality, nutrition, and any other topic to help you find your something better.  As I find myself on my own for season 3, I'm fulfilling my challenge of 24 episodes in 2024.  There are 12 topics and I cover a variant of each topic twice.  If you are looking for your Something Better, you'll get some great information on how to get there.

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