About the Center

Welcome to The Healing in Harmony Center. As a 30-year veteran of the fitness and wellness industry, I realized early on that my clients were not always getting the results they desired, no matter how much they exercised and ate right. Over the years, I explored many fitness and holistic modalities to correct this issue. As I implemented the things I learned, I started to see changes in myself as well as in my clients, not only in their bodies, but in the way they lived their lives. This was the beginning of simply fitness for the spirit, mind and body in 1992. Through the years, how I went about doing the business has changed but the message has remained the same. Provide the tools for people to elevate themselves to their best and highest good. In 2011, it was time to change direction and focus again. The Healing in Harmony Center was born to provide a place for people to grow and discover their spiritual identity. It's not about me doing for my clients. It's about my clients doing for themselves with me facilitating the process. This business is my passion and allows me to live my life with passion.

As a child, I had many experiences with the other side and with deja vu. Not having anyone to explain things to me, I just thought this was normal, knowing what was going to happen before it happened. As I got older, the human urge to not be "different" developed and so my gifts faded (but didn't completely disappear) to the background of my human life only to resurface again later. Tapping into this God-gifted intuitive ability, I am now able to assist clients not only with their physical issues but their emotional and spiritual ones as well. This creates a truly integrated spirit, mind and body approach to wellness. My goal is to reach people at their level of readiness using whatever method works for them. As educational and learning opportunities continue to present themselves to me, I jump at the chance to attend for I have learned that the Universe will be providing me with a client who needs that method.

A friend of mine and I always laugh about the fact that we need certifications to talk to people!!! So yes, I have a list of certifications and credentials to share with you so you know I'm for real, by human standards. I am a Medium, Medical Intuitive and Angel Reader, certified Reiki Master and Health Coach. In addition, I hold certification as a Himalayan Singing Bowl Practitioner, and Pastoral Care Specialist.

Please browse, request information or call 860.430.9801. I can't wait to see how our lives intersect!

Thank you Glastonbury Life for highlighting The Healing in Harmony Center in the August 2017 edition.  Read the article here.