Appointments with Priscilla are scheduled Wednesday and Thursday.  Due to my teaching and speaking schedule, I am unable to schedule Saturday or Sunday appointments other than on a rare occasion.  I do however schedule sessions as late as 7:00 p.m., as available.  I am currently scheduling out about 2-4 weeks.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to schedule.  For online sessions, please note how you want your session - phone, FaceTime or Zoom.

For online sessions, payments will be invoiced via email.  For in-person sessions, cash, check or credit card payments are available.

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Healing and Spiritual Guidance Services

Sound Healing Therapy

Relax and breathe in the peaceful tones of the Himalayan Singing Bowls.  A session like no other as your body feels the vibration and your mind finds its quiet space.  Reach a relaxing meditative state while the sound and vibration of the bowls heal you.  Receive a gentle massage with the bowls as warm water is placed in a singing bowl and gently moved over your body while the vibration washes away your worries. Walk away in peace and joy as your energy is in complete balance and harmony. Priscilla is a practitioner of the Atma Buti (Soul Medicine) tradition of Himalayan Singing Bowls.  Specific protocols are used for general relaxation and healing, stress, anxiety, grief and depression.

In-person session

50-minutes: $100.00

Package (Three, 50-minute sessions):  $250.00


Private Group Sound Healing Meditation

Do you need a unique way to celebrate with your small office, department or friend group?  Try a private group Sound Healing Meditation as part of the festivities.

In-person session

75-minute session:  $30 per person



Reiki is "universal life energy" which brings us toward the natural wholeness of our beings.  The practice of Reiki may lead to deeper understanding of your path and relationship to spirit.  The gentle touch of Reiki restores and balances your emotions, can aid in recovery from injury or illness and can enhance your energy.

In-person session

50-Minutes:  $100.00

Package (Three, 50-minute sessions):  $250.00

Trance Healing

Trance healing is a passive process which permits Spirit forces to direct specific healing energies to a person through the mind and aura of a Medium to deal with the specific causes of a problem, rather than its symptoms. It is a very natural process which can affect the human form on many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The Medium connects with you through touch and works in a trance state as a channel of the energy from the Healers, Doctors and Surgeons in the spirit world. For medical issues, more than one session may be needed.

In-person session

50-Minutes: $100.00

Package (Three, 50-minute sessions):  $250.00


Spiritual Counseling

Your soul knows the answers.  Sometimes you just need someone to talk to in order to move past a sticking point in your life or learn how to better navigate being human. By working with a Spiritual Counselor, you can discuss your issue and learn to view life from a higher, spiritual perspective.  We will co-create a plan of action for you to take after the session.

Sessions available by phone, FaceTime or Zoom only

50-Minutes:  $160.00
30-Minutes:  $90.00

Package I (Three, 50-minute sessions):  $450.00

Package II (Three, 30-minute sessions):  $240.00


Medical Intuitive Energy Scan and Interpretation

Health issues are a common topic for intuitive sessions. The Medical Intuitive Energy Scan and Interpretation provides you with an energetic reason for your physical issues along with a healing solution. Whenever there is disease or illness, there are always blocks on the energy field that tell the story for the purpose of that illness. The session is a very passive process of scanning your energy, recognizing the blocks or misalignments and working with those in the spirit world to get to the initial cause of the issue. As we heal the initial cause, we are better able to create good health.

Sessions available by phone, FaceTime or Zoom only

50-Minutes: $160.00
with 30-minute Trance Healing: $225.00 (available in-person or virtual)


Angel Guidance

Angel Guidance is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person's guardian angels and Archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. Angel Guidance also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Creator and angels.  During your session you will be connected with the Angels, Archangels, and Guardian Angels to provide you with guidance, energy clearing and time to answer your questions.

Sessions available by phone, FaceTime or Zoom only

50-Minutes:  $160.00
30-Minutes:  $90.00


Intuitive Readings

For those looking to receive spiritual guidance, Priscilla will work within your energy field and connect with angels and spirit guides to receive messages.  Once the first message is delivered, you’ll then have the opportunity to ask questions for yourself.  After that, the door stays open and we continue the conversation with any Spirits wishing to come through. Guidance is provided for your life purpose, why your soul came here and what you are learning.  The focus of the reading is to help you move forward in life and live within your potential.  You may not always receive what you want, however you will always receive the messages that you need to hear.

Please note that if your main reason for schedule a reading with me is to connect to loved ones who have passed, that is no longer the focus of my work.  If they choose to make themselves known to me, I'm happy to bring them into your reading.  I'm happy to provide you with a referral to a Medium who offers these services. 

Sessions available by phone, FaceTime or Zoom only

50-Minutes:  $160.00
30-Minutes:  $90.00


Intuitive Reading and Trance Healing Combo 

Get the total immersion of guidance and healing.  In this session, we'll start with the Intuitive Reading where I will provide you with guidance from the Spirit realm.  You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the Spirits.  We'll follow this up with a Trance Healing, allowing the Spirit Team to address underlying physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that need attention.  You will get the guidance and healing that is for your highest good.

In-person session in Glastonbury.

30-Minute Intuitive Reading and 50-Minute Trance Healing:  $170


Mind and Body Services

Spirit, Mind and Body Package

Are you feeling stuck in your life?  This is the one session that you need to bring immediate movement to your life.  This two-hour session includes the use of a drawn Mandala and/or the MARI® card system (mind), further interpretation through intuitive impressions (spirit) and an energy healing to center and ground you (body).  Through the Mandala work, we tap into your psyche and see where you really are in the world today.  Further insight is gained intuitively on the issues and guidance given on what action to take.  The healing or energy work will help to release the emotional energy stuck within your physical body.  This is a truly amazing experience all in one two-hour session.

In-person session 

2-hour session:  $250.00


Business Services

Intuitive Business Coaching

Are you a business owner whose business is stuck in a rut? Perhaps you are thinking of starting your own business and don't know where to begin or how to bring all your ideas together. Priscilla offers business coaching services to help you move forward. With almost 30-years of experience in the business industry, she uses her intuitive gifts and business knowledge to help you move in the right direction.  You have the flexibility of a one-time consultation or establishing an ongoing relationship.

Sessions available by phone, FaceTime or Zoom

50-Minutes:  $160.00

Package I (Six 50-minute sessions): $850.00

Package II (One 50-minute initial session, five 30-minute sessions): $575.00


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