The PSYCHĒ Institute for Higher Learning


In 2012, The Psyche Institute for Higher Learning was established by Priscilla Bengtson to enrich and enhance the knowledge that already exists within each person.  PSYCHE comes from the Greek word for SOUL. Each course offered by the Institute is taught from a higher perspective, a soul perspective, and takes into consideration the whole person, not just the physical existence.

The focus of the Institute is to provide certificate courses for those wishing to work in a holistic environment or to enhance their own learning.  It is in the application of the knowledge where we can make a difference in our lives, as well as the lives of others.  Through this application of knowledge, we recognize the Oneness of all mankind and share a common bond.

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Courses in:

  • Mediumship Certificate Program - Three Levels
  • Medical Intuitive Certificate Program - 9-month program
  • Spiritual Counselor Certificate Program - Two Levels
  • Become an Angel Reader - Six session 
  • NEW!  Holistic Practitioner Certificate Program - One-year program

All classes are held at The Healing in Harmony Center.