Angels and Guides, oh my

What a wonderful weekend filled with Angels, Guides and loved ones in Spirit.  We’re celebrating International Angel Day at the Center this weekend and there are lots of new faces coming through the weekend of programs.  Much of the guidance coming through for people is about exploring a spiritual path and opening doors to new learning.  This is a time of movement, shifting and growth.

I am amazed and awed by the quality and level of people walking through my doors these days.  They are coming in with undeveloped gifts and are looking for answers on what to do with them.  My guides have shown me my path with these new entrants.  They are coming in halfway there and I just need to take them to the next level.  What a blessing to be able to see them “get it”.  From that point forward, their life is changed.

There is still one more event happening on Sunday, September 18.  The Women’s Empowerment Meditation (sorry guys) runs from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.   It’s a great event to help you get unstuck, connect with the feminine divine and learn to receive.  There is still space available so give a call 860.301.1468.

As part of the International Angel Day celebration, I will be giving a donation to The Cherish the Children Foundation

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