Good, Better, Best

It was a very busy month of people moving through emotional events in their life and releasing past issues.  In my sessions, I have found that many people want to stay in their past because it feels the most comfortable for them.  The unknown is too scary.  I suggest to you that everything, everyday is unknown.

When things are going well, we tend not to worry about “bad” things happening. Yet, when we are in a time in our life where we don’t have the answers, we tend to create worry around the unknown.  Even when things are going well, you don’t know what the next moment brings.  It is just the emotional awareness of “bad” that brings about the worry or a mental block created from past times that pops into our head to create worry.

Why is it that we look at things as either good or bad?  What if you shifted your thought pattern from good to better, or even best?  Everything occurs in our life for our best and highest good.  The experiences that you are having that may be uncomfortable right now, will seem quite insignificant in a month or perhaps even a day.  Ask yourself, “What am I learning from this experience?”.  What if you shifted your thinking to, “There must be something better out there for me if I am going through this difficult time right now.”  Recognize the uncomfortable feeling then shift your focus to the possibilities and opportunities before you.

This period of time is such an energized time of spiritual growth.  The lessons before you may be coming faster, more frequent and harder. It is all so we can get to the better and best times in our life.  Do the work that needs to be done.  Be present.  Stay aware of the lessons all around you.

If you need some guidance in releasing, schedule a session on Psychic Saturday, April 7 between 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  I will be joined by two additional readers, Mary Anne Costerella and Dorene Mulholland.  I have only afternoon sessions available and Mary Anne and Dorene have some morning and afternoon sessions open.  If you have not been introduced to the Destiny Cards yet, Mary Anne is an expert reader of them.  She will let you know what card is ruling your year and what that means for you for the year ahead.  Dorene is a gifted medium and can provide you with guidance from her guides. Call or email to pre-schedule your time or take a chance and walk in that day.

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