I’m back after a short lapse of time.  It’s been a bit busy around the Center of late and the energy feels like it is moving much faster.  Just go with the flow and release anything that is trying to hold you back.

I have finished the first phase of this diet program and I’m now in my transition phase.  It has been going extremely well and even after a week without product in me, I am still losing weight.  My total weight loss to date is 18 pounds.  My energy feels so much better and I’m getting workouts in that feel energizing instead of tiring.  Even in this heat, I’m able to get up early every morning and workout.  I’m able to increase my caloric intake at this phase however, I’m not really hungry.  That is the most interesting part because during the program, I felt hungry all the time.  Now, I am pretty strict on portion control and even that seems like too much food sometimes.  I’m quite satisfied in what I’m eating and my body isn’t starving.  So far, so good.

I noticed, during this process and through last year’s candida cleanse, that when I told people what I wasn’t eating, they would look at me with total surprise.  How could anyone not eat sugar, dairy, gluten or anything fermented?  They would ask me what I did eat.  I honestly eat very well.  I love to cook and create in the kitchen and that has been my saving grace.  I make many meals that could be served in a restaurant.  Due to my schedule, everything I make has to be quick and easy and transportable.  I simply make the time to cook and then create individual packages that I can just grab and go.  Thank goodness for Pyrex bowls!

I understand that the line of questioning I receive comes down to people’s ability to understand my discipline around food.   They usually say that they could never give up sugar or eat the way I do.  Trust me, I was right there with them about a year ago.  I understand for myself, that if I go back to that way of life, my body will not like it.  I come from parents who, between the two of them, have/had every possible disease except cancer.  My genetic make up is made for disease.  I have reversed every one of them from my body in a year’s time because I had respect for my body and the discipline to take care of it.  We look at discipline as if it is something that we have to learn or do.  Discipline is something that we came into the world with.  The bad habits are the what we have learned.

In 2Timothy 1:7 it says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  When we recognize our power and love ourselves, that sound mind (discipline) is easy.  It is a natural part of who we are.

The word DISCIPLINE and DISCIPLE come from the root word disciplina, from the Latin, which translates to instruction given, teaching, learning, knowledge.  We already know what we need to do.  When we become a disciple of it, we become a student of the learning. When we love ourselves, our spiritual gifts are released and our ego subsides.  We no longer have the battle between what we innately know and the endless chatter of the mind.

If you need assistance with changing your health or your relationship with food, I offer Health Coaching to get you started.  Also, on July 31,Rachael Tsokalas will be offering another Healthy Eating Series workshop called Summer Salads.  Last month we learned all about Kale and tasted and learned to prepare some delicious recipes.  I’m sure this month’s session will be more of the same.  In August, as part of our 1st Birthday celebration, I have two free workshops that might be of interest to you.  The first is on August 14 and is called “Why am I gaining weight?”  I’ll talk about energetic and physical issues that might pertain to your weight gain and I’ll share my story a little bit more.  The second is on August 28 called “Solid to the Core” and I will introduce you to exercises that are easy to do and will keep your core muscles in good shape.  All the events are listed under the Workshops and Events page.



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    • Most definitely! Watch for a future blog on some quick and easy sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free recipes. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.


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