Kids and the energy shift

There is so much energy shifting right now, especially after this past weekend’s full moon.  We are coming into a powerful energetic time and you may be feeling especially impatient, antsy and perhaps rehashing old stuff in your life.  As adults, we have more tools to deal with energetic and emotional upheavals.  Imagine what is happening for the kids in the world right now.  It is more important than ever for us to be present for those younger than us and hold space for them as they come through this energetic shift.

Many younger kids will begin to act out or test the accepted behavior limits.  They may be more afraid of spirit energy around them as they are dialed in at a much higher frequency than most adults.  Please teach them to focus on the light and there will be no darkness.  Be patient and let them find their way.  Allow them to be creative and support their talents and gifts.

Older children and young adults are also being impacted by this great energy and also need our assistance.  I’m finding more boys and young men are being impacted stronger than the girls and young ladies.  They unfortunately may turn to drugs and alcohol to dumb down the feeling.  As adults, we need to be aware of their need for space and down time and not overschedule them.  You may find that they are having a hard time coping with what might seem simple to you, but is turning into a major life situation for them.  They may express the pressure they feel to do something, but they don’t know what it is they are supposed to do.  If they can just wait and be patient during this time, they will have their answers soon enough.

I came across a wonderful organization this past weekend at the Natural Living Expo in Sturbridge.  The program is called Boys to Men New England.  Their mission is to mentor adolescent boys on their journey to becoming men of integrity by modeling authentic masculinity, supporting self awareness and emotional growth in an environment that honors their adolescent energy.  They describe the program as a combination of Boy Scouts, Big Brothers and Outward Bound.  I’m interested in seeing the direction of this program as they continue to develop and grow.  Any assistance we can provide to help boys discover their individual strengths and gifts and to learn to speak their truth is needed at this time.

Do you have a resource that you would like to share with others. Leave a comment about any resources that you know of to help these highly intuitive individuals who are trying to navigate this human experience.  Let’s build a community of support for these kids as they are the peacemakers of the world.

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