I hear voices…

It has been a crazy time in the world of late.  A lot of releasing is happening for many people, and it’s not always showing up in the nicest of ways.  As I go through my day, I recognize how stuck people are in the stories they have about their life.  Those voices inside their head keep repeating the same old story over and over again.  What is the voice inside your head saying?

True guidance always comes from a place of love.  I have never experienced an angel or guide coming through to scold, berate or display frustration.  Those are all human conditions.  Our angels and guides are very patient with us and understand the human condition.  What you perceive as their “frustration” is your “knowing” that you are not doing what you know to be true for yourself.  It is your own frustration that you are experiencing, not theirs.

Listen. Now listen again.  Is the voice in your head speaking from a place of empowerment? Is it coming from a place of love?  Is it based in current reality?  This is true guidance.  If you are hearing messages as a long drawn out story, from an emotional state,  or based in the past or future, your ego is stepping in.

Imagine sitting on a cloud with your angels.  What is the new perspective you are hearing?  When our angels and guides provide us with guidance, there is no story.  It’s just the facts of the current reality.  No judgment. No emotional drama.  Just the facts ma’am.

Guidance will always be given for our best and highest good.  Our human experience wants to debate this oftentimes.  How could an illness be for our best and highest good?  How could someone be in total financial ruin and it is for their best and highest good?  Regardless of the situation, your current reality IS for your best and highest good.  In another moment, that reality may change. But for now, this is all you have. There is a lesson in all we do.  Accept your reality and you can move forward from a new perspective.

Quiet down and listen.  What is the voice saying now?

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