The Power of Faith

I spent this past weekend in Boston with the girls and had the most wonderful time.  Saturday, we scheduled a massage day with Kristen and Sarah at OMBE spa, which I highly recommend if you are in the Boston area.  They both are spiritual beings who truly love what they do and the spa is spectacular.

On Sunday morning, we attended a Path to Faith event with Dr. Isaam Nemeh.  I have met only a few individuals who exude faith the way Dr. Nemeh does.  He is a true inspiration to watch and listen to.  His wife spoke briefly as Dr. Nemeh prepared for the prayers over each person in the audience.  She told a story of a talk she had to present about her husband.  She needed words to describe what he did with prayer.  She asked him how to best describe him and he went to the other room and brought back a picture of Jesus riding a donkey with adorers all around him.  Dr. Nemeh asked her who she would like to be.  She chose a beautiful woman in the corner.  He asked again.  She chose another person in another corner.  He asked her in a different way, “Who is closest to Jesus?”  She then chose a person who physically was next to Jesus.  He then said “No. The donkey is closest to Jesus. Tell them, I am the donkey.  I carry Jesus to the people.”  It was a wonderful perspective of this blessed man who knew his divine path and is fulfilling each day.

I am still giggling as I think about the blessing and prayer part of the event.  Each person in the audience stands before Dr. Nemeh for a prayer of faith.  We were about midway back in the room so we had plenty of time to watch others receive their blessing.  Many were moved to tears. Many were so moved they fell (there were men behind to catch the fall).  When a woman in front fell to the floor, my sister, who was at her first event of this kind, was in awe.  I leaned over to her and said quietly “If you fall, just stay on the floor and receive the energy. Don’t be in a rush to get up.”

As it was our time to receive our prayer, we went up and stood in the middle of the row.  There were about five people ahead of us.  The woman before my sister opened her hands as Dr. Nemeh approached.  He said a quick blessing, and down she went.  He proceeded to my sister, down she went. He came to me, down I went.  He went onto the other two in our party, and both of them went down.  There were five of us in a row, lying on the floor bathing in the love of God.   It was an overwhelming feeling of pure love and light and faith.  It was pure and true and divine.  Even if I had tried to stay up, I would not have been able to do it.  The power of that blessing literally knocked me off my feet.

Have you done a faith check up lately?  Do you truly believe that everything in your life can be healed by a simple prayer?  Do you believe that everything in your life is in divine order?  I did before and as a witness of that experience, I believe even more.  Develop your relationship with your higher power.  Not just lip service but a true relationship like those you have with your closest friends. Spirit is listening…are you?

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  1. So beautifully summarized! I always love hearing how healers ‘fill up their healing tank’ and this apparently really did the trick. Seems you experienced a lot of bliss and anyone coming into the center this week will especially benefit. They will get an even more grounded and connected Priscilla!


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