Life and Death

I just finished up with this month’s Healing in Harmony Night.  We had a wonderful turnout of people, many of them new to the Center.  At least three people that I worked on had just recently lost a loved one and were having a very difficult time handling the loss.  Working in this field, I see this often and want to assist people in coping with the loss.  Sometimes we just have to feel the pain so we can get to the other side of it.

Much of what comes up for us is anger, resentment and pain.  As we hold onto these feelings, our body pays the price as it turns into physical illness.  It is a very difficult cycle to release and heal.  So why do we have to go through this?  It is simply a lesson for us to learn that life continues long after the human body dies.  Our spiritual essence came into physicality to experience one or many lessons.  We have an agreement to do our spiritual work within our physical body.  What comes along with the physical body are thought and emotion.  Our emotions are what allows us to feel.  Unfortunately, our mind chooses pain.  Time will be your best friend in these situations as you will learn to respond differently to your reality.

My friend, Karen Noe, has written a wonderful book called Through the Eyes of Another.  Karen is a medium in New Jersey and connects people to deceased loved ones.  She often finds that loved ones come through with regrets of things they didn’t say, do or experience in their physical life.  The concept of the book is to do a life review now, while you are living, so you have no regrets upon your passing.  Karen will be at The Healing in Harmony Center on Saturday, October 22 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. for a free talk and book signing.  She is a wonderful woman, a great author and joyful presenter.  If you are having difficulty with the concept of life and death, please attend.  You certainly won’t regret taking the time to read Karen’s book or hear her speak.

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