Getting Grounded

Over the weekend I taught the Introduction to Medical Intuition class.  As I reviewed the lower chakras and their potential imbalances, I recalled many instances in my life of energy healers telling me I needed to “be more grounded”.  In my experience, this statement is truly misunderstood.  Many of those who made that comment saw me as getting lost in my spiritual self.  I, on the other hand, chose to argue that I was very grounded as I was able to function quite well in the world. Of course, I thought that because I was working in my corporate job as well as running my own spiritual business, I was able to balance life quite well.  By walking in both worlds, it automatically made me grounded.

Over the years, I have come to have a better understanding of what it means to be grounded.  We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  With that said, how many of us truly live at our highest spiritual capacity each day and bring that into our human experience?  We all made an agreement to come into this physical body, yet maintain our full spiritual capacity. Yet, somehow, some way, we have gotten sidetracked by being human.  It’s in our human experiences that we learn the most.  That too, is why we are here…to learn.   The goal for us is to live in this world knowing that we are not of this world and still maintain our highest selves.  In other words, don’t let life get in the way of being your authentic self.

One of the best ways to “get grounded” is by quieting your mind so you can be calmer, think clearer and respond to life more respectfully.  Being grounded is the truest connection of our spiritual self with our human self.  It’s in the silence of the mind that the answers come and the sensing of the physical body that we can truly connect the bodymind.  A great way to experience this is through the practice of QiGong.  My good friend PJ Harder is an exceptional example of this practice in action.  I have seen her go through some tremendous life changes and growth by being a daily practitioner of this calming modality. PJ has a new session of QiGong classes starting at the center next week (10/24/11) so you can experience this sense of grounding.  You can visit PJ’s site to see the class schedule and look at her other services.  If you can’t make the class, why not consider having a private session with PJ to experience QiGong.

Your challenge for today and every day is to put your feet on the ground, connect with the earth, gather your energy, quiet your mind and boldly go forward with your most joyful day!

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