From Kids to Business Skills

I had a most interesting day today.  I saw clients all day and then finished my day with a Kid’s Spiritual Development class followed immediately by an adult Business Skills class.  What a contrast…but what an awakening.  This was week four of the business class and we talked about marketing.  Boy were their heads spinning as we discussed all the options now available to them via the internet, print publications, networking and word of mouth referrals.  We searched for key words and talked about Search Engine Optimization and where the best return on investment was for their money.  Here sat adults, fully capable and confident in their gifts and just wanting to put them out into the world as a business.  A sense of overwhelm was felt in the room as they were now exploring how to use (in my words) “shameless self promotion” to grow their business. It meant talking about themselves in a positive light and asking people to utilize their services.  All that lifelong programming of “am I worthy of great things?” coming to a head.

And now to the kids.  I asked them to focus on a scent that was coming to them and to tell the group who gave them that scent and why it was given to them.  There were strawberries from great grandmother and the smell of a cat and the smell of a dog coming through.  Guides, angels and loved ones came through to give them messages of love and feeling good about their gifts.  The kids were smiling and giggling and helping each other find the meaning of their messages.  It was all so happy, fearless and innocent.

So my question is, how is it that fear comes into our lives so easily?  These beautiful children were so innocent in their beings and although they too were living in human form, they just took it all in stride and recognized their gifts completely.  No ego, no judgment…just pure acceptance.  The adults, many of whom have the same gifts, spent time agonizing over the thought of speaking as an expert on a subject they are well-versed in or writing a bio of who they are and what their business is about.

I encourage all of you who have children to continue to let them grow and develop as the pure, perfect energy they are.   Look at them through the eyes of love and light and purity (Yes, even when they are driving you crazy).  And now, find that in yourself.  Let go of the programming from your life of how you are “supposed to be” or how you “should be”.  Your past experiences do not define you.  You define you!  Go out and live the life your soul desires.  Reconnect with your inner child and play, laugh and have fun.  Stop the seriousness and you will get unstuck in your life.  Talk about yourself in a positive light.   Put intention toward what you want in life and then step aside and let Spirit bring it to you.

Most of all, see yourself through the eyes of your angesl and guides.  You are beautiful just as you are today.  And THAT is enough.

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