Your most important relationship

What an amazing day I just had.  I knew I would be working long hours but it was truly worth the energy of the day.  I had several healings and reading today and from the moment I started, Jesus was working with me.  As I start a healing session, I begin my prayers for the person before me, then connect with their energy and then I let the spirit energies work through me.  My first session started with Jesus coming in on my left and working through me the entire session.  I don’t usually “see” Spirit but I always have a sense of which energies are around me.  Today, He was there all day.

The message for the day was about having a personal relationship with our higher power.  All relationships begin there, then to a relationship with ourself so that we can shine our light out to the other relationships in our life.  I find many people often get caught in the rituals of the religious aspects but forget to live and spread the message daily.  That has been a very clear message for me today.  I am here on this earth to spread the Word.  I am here to tell people to love one another.  I am here to stand in victory over evil in the world and unite others in this stand.  I am here to LOVE.

I encourage you to spend time finding what you believe.  What is your personal stand?  Who is your higher power? What is your message to deliver to the world?

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