I AM or Am I?

As you go through each day, I want you to ask yourself this question.  “Am I living an I AM life or a life of AM I?”  The bible teaches us in I John 4:17 that “As Jesus is, so are we in the world.” This is your “I AM” presence in this world yet many of us walk through our life with an “AM I” attitude.  Do you second guess your decisions?  Do you believe that you are any different than the Ascended Masters?  As Barbara Hardie mentions in her book Creating Heaven on Earth, we are all gods in training.

So what would you do differently each day if you truly recognized your I AM presence?  Instead of questioning “AM I good enough?”, “AM I ever going to turn around my financial state?”, “AM I going to find that dream job?” switch your language to “I AM as Jesus is”, “I AM wealthy and abundant in grace, glory and goodness”, “I AM employed by Spirit to do His work on this earth”.  If you recognize your I AM, the AM I becomes insignificant.  You are a child of God and you will always be taken care of for your best and highest good.

In this time of Thanksgiving, count your blessings and recognize your I AM presence each day.  Step into your true calling and release fear.  Shift your attitude to one of gratitude for your many gifts and blessings.    We each have a message to deliver to the world.  What is yours?

I AM as Jesus is.

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