So much to be Thankful for

As I sit in the Center this beautiful Friday evening, finished with clients for the day and looking forward to a weekend away, I’m thinking back only four months ago to my old rental space.  I never would have imagined the growth of my business in such a short period of time and the support I receive everyday from the universe and my clients.  I fed the outdoor critters this morning before clients came in and then stood inside and watched as nature unfolded before my eyes.  Since it is a day off for many, I saw family members of my clients who had never been to the Center before.  I watched the change in their demeanor as they came up the walkway today, in awe of the beauty of the exterior premises.  I hugged an amazingly empowered friend and student of mine when she came in for a healing tonight.  Her father crossed over this morning at 7:00 a.m.  Some of her classmates and I held prayer vigil for her family for the past two days while she sat by his side until the end.

I, like many of you, can get caught up in past behaviors, if I let myself.  I find now that I let myself go there less often and choose instead to be in a place of reality and gratitude.  It’s days like today that remind me how important it is for me to be doing this work.   I look forward to coming into the Center each day, regardless of the hour I will leave at the end of the day.  I am so blessed to come in contact with some amazing people each and every day.  I am blessed to have the family that I have, even if they don’t always fully understand what their baby sister does for a living.    Most of all, I am thankful for the freedom I have to put my energy out into the world without fear of recourse, judgment or even death.  The world is shifting to a more peaceful place.  It is our calling to align ourselves with this new energy and then allow the energy to come back to us as we receive it.

This holiday season, this Black Friday, remember the reason for the season.  Get back to the basics of why we celebrate this upcoming holiday and what it is really all about.  Keep your focus on TRUTH.  The only TRUTH is LOVE!


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