Building Foundations for our Spirituality

I just finished the Psychic Saturday event and had a wonderful day.  Somehow, no matter how many breaks I build into my schedule, I end up never getting to take more than 5-minutes.  I had a sold out event and many new faces stopping in for the first time along with a few faces returning to see the new center for their first time.  I always get asked if I’m tired at the end of these events.  I am actually much more energized than you would think.  This is due to the fact that it’s not really me doing the work.  I am simply the conduit for the energy to come through.   So I have a full night of running errands and then back in the Center to teach a Reiki I class tomorrow.  Spirit fills me and refuels me by bringing new energy into my experience every day and I am truly blessed for that.

What I find each month during Psychic Saturday is a theme for the day.  Today was about building a foundation of spirituality and faith.  Many of us have spent so much time being human that we have forgotten what it is to be in spirit.  The time is coming for new and higher vibration along with new growth of our gifts.  Many people today were coming in to hear that message.  They have recognized their gifts are getting stonger but need the “how to” in order to grow.  I guess that is why Spirit has brought them to me.  I give them the foundation of their beliefs and help them to identify what needs to be released in order for growth to occur.  This is a time of awakening.  We all have opportunities before us, yet we believe that if we have too many in front of us at one time that one or two must be the wrong opportunity.  This is a false belief as Spirit will put in your path opportunities for growth and none of them are wrong.  They are simply presented this way to allow you the choice of what feels right.  The other experiences that you do not choose are not wrong, they may simply come back at another time.  It’s like eating at a salad bar.  You don’t usually choose every available offering to put into your salad.  Those options are there to show you contrast of what you like, and what you don’t like.  They are neither wrong nor right.  They simply just are.  Each time you choose, you put another brick into your spiritual foundation so that you may grow.

One of the biggest road blocks I find for people is that they don’t know how to move forward with their gifts once they have identified them.  If this describes you, I recommend taking the Meet Your Angels and Guides class this Tuesday, December 6 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.  You will learn who is who in the spirit world and how to connect with them at a greater level.  It’s a good foundational class and you will walk away with a simple meditation skill to help bring you deeper into relaxation.   There is still room in the class.  Simply email to register.

Take a few minutes today to ask yourself what you believe in.  Begin your foundational work.  Step into a community of like-minded people.  Faith and Fear are at opposite ends of the same continuum.  The both require belief to exist.  Which one do you want to believe in?

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