As you step to the edge, will you be pushed or will you fly?

Today was a day of learning for me.  I see around me many clients and students who are approaching their next level of consciousness.  There is a sense of calm and a sense of worry that exists at the same time.  Quite interesting to watch actually and just notice it.  The calm comes from the work they are doing to get them to that next step.  They release old behaviors and patterns, heal past hurts and forgive where needed.  The worry comes in as a fear of the unknown.  As humans, our mind wants to know the next thing.  If we knew what was coming, we would be better prepared.  You are a child of the Most High.  How could you not be prepared?  This is something that you came into this world knowing, not something to be learned or experienced.

During my morning group, the topic of stepping to the edge of the cliff came up.  I ask you now, when you are asked to step to the edge,  and you know it is for your best and highest good to be there, will you need to be pushed or will you believe you can fly?  Humans believe the edge is the end.  The end of solid ground.  The end of safety.  The end of security.  Where the earth ends, the air takes over.  Where the tree limb ends, the air takes over.  There is no delineating wall between the earth plane and the air.  It is just one continuous line of the same plane.  Just as there is no delineating line between us and the Spirit world.  There is only infinity.  Oneness.

I received my calling to do this work in 2008.  When I say I received my calling, I literally mean, I received a call, in the middle of the night from a healer in Tibet who received my phone number from Spirit during meditation.  Enough said.  If that doesn’t require belief, I don’t know what does.  What happened after that call was a change in me from one of faith to one of complete humaness.  I was already on my path to helping others.  I was in the process of finding a location for my center.  To be told to get moving because this was my time and that it required me to leave my job and give up my relationship, was a little unnerving.  Those who were close to me saw me get caught up in my head.  How could Spirit ask me to do this?  Those things were my security, my safety, my identity.  I could give up the job, but at least let me keep my boyfriend as a support system.  Nope.  Both had to go.  This was my push time.  I was being pushed, but I was clinging onto the edge of the cliff with every last bit of strength I had.  When I finally released my grip, had faith that this was for my best and highest good, I flew and, to this day, I am still flying.

The most faith is required during our most difficult and trying times.  We say we have faith when things are going well in our life but when things go awry, we want answers.   It takes a constant and consistent relationship with your Higher Power to get through these times.  If you are only taking the time to develop that relationship when things aren’t going your way, you are missing the mark.  Everyday, spend time on your relationship with yourself and your relationship with your Higher Power.  That way, when you get to the edge, you don’t need to be pushed.  You will simply know you can fly.

“As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit. “
Emmanuel Teney

3 thoughts on “As you step to the edge, will you be pushed or will you fly?”

  1. Thank you for helping me build a strong foundation so I’m ready to fly. Opportunities present everyday and II think perhaps I am already flying yet more will be asked; more faith required. I’m glad for the reminder to connect daily with spirit for guidance and growth. Faith!

  2. Hello Priscilla,

    We met at the latest Manchester New Age fair. I guess you told me what I needed to hear, though I had hoped to receive a message from someone in particular. However, a message from that person came from you during my wife’s session. You had mentioned that my ancestors were louder and I believe the root of the message was to guide me closer to the edge (a reference to your blog) and break away from following the rules. Though not there yet, I believe I am headed in that direction. I recorded our session. When I listen to it again, I take away some new interpretations of your message.

    Anyhow, I hope we cross paths again. Being an engineer and analytical by nature, I still have lingering issues with receiving messages from the other side. However, many of the factual things you have discussed with my wife and I separately (events and people in our lives) leads me to believe more and be open to it.

    Best Regards
    Jeff Zak


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