Your greatest burden

I held a powerful Women’s Empowerment Meditation this past Sunday.  Before each monthly session, I receive a message as to the theme of what we will be talking about.  I don’t mention it until each participant starts to speak on what they would like to release and then it all makes sense to me.  I had a few messages that morning all of which tied into the same message.

Message #1

In our time of burden, we all want to know two things. First that we are loved and second that we are going to be okay.  When you can get to the point in any fearful situation that you know that you are loved unconditionally, you will then know, without a doubt, that you will be okay, no matter what the outcome.

Message #2

Your circumstances do not determine your mood.  Your greatest burden is not your circumstance but that you don’t see yourself through the eyes of God.  In good times, it is much easier to see who we are and to stay stable.  In our more challenging times, we find it harder to recognize Message #1.  Your circumstances are what they are and don’t determine your outcome.  Your attitude toward your circumstances determines your outcome.

Message #3

Don’t confuse the facts with the one Truth.  The facts are that events and experiences, good and bad, are happening all around us each and every day.  Perhaps the facts are that you had a car accident, your family isn’t getting along or a friend has now distanced themself from you.  The truth is,  there is only Love.  Each of those situations has come into your experience so that you can recognize how much you truly love yourself, your Higher Power and others.    Love is the one and only Truth.

And so when you have a bout with doubt, remember the three messages above.  Live your life fully engaged, plugged in and connected.  Be present in your own experience and trust that you are loved unconditionally and that everything is always okay.

A quick follow up on the blog post I did in October on Dr. Nemeh, the faith healer.  The History Channel is airing a documentary on the existence of God.  Dr. Nemeh has been interviewed for this piece.  It is airing tonight at 9:00 p.m.  Do you think they’ll find anything that we don’t already know?

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