The people in our lives

On Friday I attended a going away party for someone who worked with me at my former corporate employer.  This was someone I had hired 6 1/2 years ago right out of school.  I had her resume in a batch of second round applicants and had started the process of interviewing my first round candidates.  Step by step, each of those candidates fell through and I had to go to pile #2.  I immediately grabbed this person’s resume for review.  Just out of school, not a lot of “real world” experience but somehow I was compelled to contact her to arrange an interview.  Long story short, she was the right candidate I could work with and I immediately put her in charge of overseeing our two largest accounts.  I watched her grow up before my eyes, and not just career-wise, but as the amazing person she is now.  I’m honored to have been a small part in her growth and especially now as she moves forward with her life, I know I did my part to help her along the way.   If you are in the Boston area, even just for a visit, and want a great massage, please schedule with Kristen at OMBE on Boylston Street.  She is an amazing massage therapist and person.  You will know your life is better just for meeting her.  I know mine is.  You never know why people come into your life.  You just do your part while they are there.

During this holiday time, please don’t take for granted the people in your life.  Tell them how much they mean to you and how your life is better just for having them in it.  Let them know how important they are to you and what a difference having them in your life has meant.  While you are at it, adopt this behavior everyday and not just for the holiday.  A lot of relationships could be saved just by communicating this small message.

I thank all of you who have been following me here, on the social media sites and in my business.  It’s a true pleasure to have you in my life at any level.  I send you this message of love for a most blessed life.

And Kristen, I know you are reading this.  I love you and my life is blessed because you have been a part of it.  I loved every minute of watching you grow and develop your gifts as a coach, as a healer, as a therapist and as a person.  You are special to me and always will be.  I’m glad you are still a part of my life and my business. You are someone I can count on.  You demonstrate calm, even when your tire is rolling by you on the highway at 65 MPH!  Thank you for being in my life.

2 thoughts on “The people in our lives”

  1. Oh my gosh, THANK YOU for the review, reflection and roll-on-the-floor (pun fully intended) laugh at the end! I feel so honored to be mentioned on your blog. It was wonderful being on the journey the last 6+ years with you for support and guidance. Your expression of gratitude always reminds me to do the same. My next adventure would not be possible without all of the people that have shed light on the path I’ve traveled. Definitely time to be reminded of that and let them know. So I’m letting you know that you’ve been one of the brightest lights for me – giving me assurance, bringing out my conviction, and reminding me about what is important. I really hope that all who have come to you for guidance, classes and workshops at the center leave a note of gratitude for you. And thank you for using the legal speed limit in your post. That is exactly how fast I was going. How did you know? 😉

  2. Hear! Hear! What a great way to say thank you to someone who has meant so much in so many people’s lives. Kristen ROCKS and I don’t know what I’d do without her either. I wouldn’t have nearly as much fun, that’s for sure.


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