Let us remember what tomorrow is all about

Well, the holiday has finally arrived. Through all the hustle and bustle leading up to this weekend, you would have thought this would be a week-long event. I’m sitting at the Center in peace with Silent Night playing in the background. What a peaceful experience this is and I want to stay here and not rush home to cook for my contribution to tonight’s dinner. I am allowing myself a few moments to reflect on the day and why we are really celebrating this weekend.

The birth of Jesus is significant in history as well as in religious context. This child came into the world so that we may be forgiven. He came into this world to die. God sent us His Son. The body of Christ was divinely prepared by God to be the instrument which was to bring God to men and to be the perfect sacrifice for sin. And so Jesus came with all the fanfare of heaven as angels waited to sing their praise. There wasn’t any fanfare on earth. Earth was oblivious. God was being manifested in the flesh. Heaven knew about it, earth didn’t.

Somehow through the years, we have forgotten that simple concept of forgiveness and have tried to keep all of our burdens for ourself. We carry them like a bag of rocks on our back and forget that we are already forgiven for our perceived errors. How is that celebrating the sacrifice that Jesus made for us?

And so, tonight while you prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, remember why he came to earth. Your path and purpose may be the same. Are you living your life as such? As you spend time with family and friends this weekend, heal the wounds of your past, say what needs to be said to those around you. Come from a place of love. Jesus carried the burden so you don’t have to. Recognize this most important message today.

Have a most blessed Christmas. Remember the reason for the season.

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