Rest in Peace

Rest in peace knowing that your deceased loved ones are exactly where they need to be. No matter how hard or tragic their passing seemed, they are able to see life from a different view point. You did your best in helping them, making decisions on their behalf, in planning their funeral, and in honoring their wishes after they passed. Now, find your peace and honor their life by living yours.


I just finished our Holiday Prayer Service at the Center.  It was a lovely service of inspiration and blessings.  If you couldn’t make it to the service, I have the sermon here.  I hope you are Starstruck.   Many blessings. I …

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Prayers for Newtown

This past Sunday, I held a prayer service at the Center for the Newtown Community. The following is the message I delivered. On Friday, contrary to what the news reports would lead you to believe, 28, not just 26 souls …

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The Amazing Power of Prayer

This is definitely worth sharing with all of you.  On Sunday, I was feeding the birds at the Center and cleaning up after the storm.  Three medium sized branches had fallen on the back hill.  I was moving the second one …

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