Prayers for Newtown

This past Sunday, I held a prayer service at the Center for the Newtown Community. The following is the message I delivered.

On Friday, contrary to what the news reports would lead you to believe, 28, not just 26 souls were taken from this earth. Twenty children and six adults at the school lost their physical life and went on to be in spirit.  There were two other souls who left the earth plane on that day – Nancy Lanza and her son Adam.  While the killing of children is a horrific scene to accept, the troubled soul of one of God’s children, Adam Lanza, is equally important and perhaps more so, needs our prayers.  His mother Nancy, faced with her child in a desperate state, left this earth plane.  What she must have been feeling at that moment, we will never know.

On that day, the free will of one person impacted an entire community, nation and even the world.  We are to be reminded that each precious moment of our life when we make a decision, we impact many.  The interconnectedness of our souls makes each of us accountable to the other as we feel the same happiness, joy and love as we do pain, hurt and suffering.  When we recognize this Oneness we recognize that every action, interaction or contact with another soul makes an indelible impact that can be far reaching.

The world is grieving this weekend, not only for those lost, but for those who have remained. All we want to know is WHY?  Over the next few weeks, the authorities will piece together what they can about the tragedy.  Personal stories will come out about each person as each soul is laid to rest.  Our hearts are breaking tonight.  Our hearts go out to the parents and family members of those affected as their memory of their last moment with their loved one was when they sent them on their way to school that morning.   Unlike the 9/11 tragedy, cell phone calls to say “I love you” were not even a remote part of this tragedy.  And so the families grieve and wonder why.

There is no answer to this question.  It merely is.  As we gather our feelings around it, we go forward with hope and faith, knowing that all is as it is to be.  In a moment’s notice, the Universe responds to allow us to see things from a higher perspective.  As we move forward, we see what is, not what should be.  There are lessons to be learned today.  As we sit here tonight, let us celebrate the lives of those lost.  Let us be faithful in knowing that they were not alone and that the sacrifice of their life will be rewarded above.

The world will move forward, just as all of us here tonight will move forward.  We are human.  That is what we do.  In a few weeks, this will be behind us and yet only a memory.  In one year’s time, we will celebrate the lives of those lost on the one year anniversary of this tragic day.  And then we will remember.  Let us not wait that long to remember.

On Friday, I learned of this event later in the day.  I held a Meet your Angels and Guides class that evening.  As I led the meditation, I asked the angels if everyone involved made the journey okay.   I was assured that all were fine and were taken the moment before their physical body was impacted. They showed me a white light, similar to hands scooping up souls and bringing them up before any impact even occurred.   It looked like a mushroom cloud reaching high above.  And then there was peace for them.

And so, as we move forward, we send prayers and love and light to all who remain to deal with the aftermath before this holiday season.  Somehow for me, the hustle and bustle of Christmas doesn’t seem so important now, but being to others in need and being with my family takes top priority.  Yet, take from this situation come many lessons.  The importance of family.  The importance of healing relationships.  The importance of staying connected and not isolating.  In the days and weeks following this event, it is important that we do not go back to our old habits.  It is important that we recognize that at any given moment, we may be in a difficult situation in our life, just as those remaining from Friday’s event.  Life is precious.  Honor yours and the lives of those around you.

I ask you today to WAKE UP to your life!  Live your life on purpose.  Tell everyone you know, how much they mean to you.  Do what you want to do in this life.  Leave fear behind and ask for what you need.  We may never know what was going on in the mind of Adam Lanza leading up to Friday, but there are so many others out there in this world who are hurting just as badly.  Let’s reach out to the lost souls and assist them in finding the help they need.  Let’s join together in making a difference in the lives of each other.  Your life is your testimony.  How you live it. How you interact with others.  Be the change!

A candle was lit as each name was read aloud.  This altar, in memory of the 28 souls who crossed, will remain standing in the Center through January. 

3 thoughts on “Prayers for Newtown”

  1. Thank you for sharing that with us this week. While I was interpreting a school vigil this morning every time I felt my heart creep up into my throat, I envisioned those hands scooping up all the kids and it immediately put me at ease and warmed my heart. Its a beautiful vision. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  2. Thank you, for including Nancy and Adam. As her friend , I know she would deeply appreciate the heartfelt thoughts and prayers. For her yes, but mostly for son Adam. Thank you.


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