Where is the Ground???

Has anyone else been expriencing this amazing shift of energy?  The world is moving so fast, I feel like I’ve lost my footing and don’t know where the ground is.  The full moon this past Sunday was amazing.  Besides being the largest moon, the May moon is also known as the Buddha moon and is a fantastic time for manifesting.  Perhaps I need to manifest the earth under my feet!

I spent this past weekend with my sister.  She had foot surgery on Friday afternoon so I spent the day running her to the hospital and back home.  For me, it was a weekend of ungrounding and  “go mode”  as I had a full schedule of classes and an Expo at the same time.  My day started early as I had to get her settled in, feed the cats, feed the birds, get myself fed and showered and account for the extra time it took to drive to the Center from her house.  After my day ended here, it was back to her place to make dinner, get her settled in for the night with a healing session and into bed, make sure all the cats were in the house, clean up and whatever I needed to do to prepare for the next day.  I now know why I live alone!

An amazing thing came of all my craziness that has put the ground underneath me again.  During the entire weekend, I did a healing on her each night. I sent prayers to her twice a day.  She was in no pain.  She took two ibuprofen tablets in the morning and in the evening on Saturday along with icing her ankle every hour during the weekend.  She went back to the doctor on Tuesday morning.  He unwrapped her bandage, put a Bandaid on her stitches and sent her home.  She can walk on it completely with a regular shoe on and the stitches will come out in two weeks.  Four days after surgery and it was as if it never happened.  Those events bring me back to the earth and remind me of why I do what I do.  When I see a recovery like that, I feel truly blessed.  At the time, it felt crazy and ungrounded, but I know it was all for the good.

You may feel the same as I did.  As the energy is shifting and moving us quickly toward becoming our best self, we need to remind ourselves that it is all for the good.  Many people are coming into the Center and feeling ungrounded, scattered and out of sync with their lives.  Unaddressed emotions are coming back up, as if we need to “throw them up” to release them completely.  It is all part of our ascension process and a necessary step we need to take.  It’s happening no so we can deal with it and move on.

So if this is you right now, just go with the flow, honor your body and what it is and isn’t capable of handling and just know that this too shall pass! 

I’m off to honor my body now and get some well deserved rest.

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