The new moon is upon us and that brings in new energy.  For many of us, unfortunately, that new energy will be bringing up more of the old stuff to release and eliminate.   This is a time of energetic purging.  In order for us to move to the next vibratory level, we need to make sure that all the old stuff is not getting in our way.

It was amazing to me that yesterday, the message of elimination was so clear.  Everywhere I went, people were talking to me about it, about different topics.  I did a quick inventory for myself as to what the message was for me.  What did I still need to eliminate in my life in order to move forward?

This week is so significant for me.  One year ago, I started my elimination food plan.  I was having major issues with candida albicans and needed to completely rid my physical body of it’s side effects.  I took away sugar (even fruit), dairy, gluten and fermented foods and beverages.  The initial plan was 30-days.  I then extended it to 60, then 90, then it just became part of my life.  These past two week, for the first time in almost a year, I was craving sugar.  Here comes the old stuff coming back up and staring me in the face!  I caved in and ate sugar!  The world didn’t come to an end, however I know, if I continue the path, I will be back to where I started.  This time my elimination is about me choosing what’s important for me, just like a year ago.  I’m getting back on track and choosing my health as being first in my life.

Another significant thing about this week is that nine years ago on Tuesday, my father passed away.  It’s hard for me to believe that it has been nine years.  When I was younger, I would tell people that I wouldn’t make it past the age of 40.  Even in my 20’s when I was working in fitness, competing as a bodybuilder and as active as ever, I would still say that to people.  Of course, back then, I didn’t know why I was saying it.  As I turned 40 that year, my father’s health started to decline.  On May 22 that year, he passed and I was never the same person.  All of my gifts came flooding back and stronger than ever.  I even knew the exact day he was going to pass.   It was an incredible time for me as it was the start of my path and purpose.  It is even more significant because it was a huge elimination of who I used to be and all the “stuff” that came with that “old me”.  There was no way that I could be who I am today, doing the work I am doing, if I hadn’t eliminated the habits, patterns and people who no longer served my highest good.  I may have lost my dad that year, but I found myself and my calling in this lifetime.

What needs to be eliminated in your life? Can you start with something small and work your way up?  As we take one small step, the universe will respond in kind.  Take another and the same will happen.  Before you know it, you will be on your new path, feeling free of the heaviness and burden of the old patterns.  When we don’t eliminate, physically or emotionally, we become toxic.  Toxicity is poison for the body, mind and soul.

Do yourself a favor…don’t wait….ELIMINATE!

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