Reconnecting with people

I’ve had the pleasure in the past month to reconnect with friends, clients and many people from my past.  It’s amazing that when it’s the right time to reconnect, people will show up.  Last week at the full moon ceremony, I had people attend who I met years ago at new age fairs or a house party come back into my life.  It’s a wonderful experience to see how much people have grown and to catch up on new directions for them.

At the last ASC New Age Fair, I reconnected with my friend Driana Buonanducci.  Driana and I met about five years ago through a mutual friend.  She did readings at the second International Angel Day event that I ever ran.  She’s a hot ticket as a person and an amazing reader.  We were like sisters at times. I even have a picture of us together where we showed up with our hair the same way and wearing the same color clothes.  As things got busier with my business and she got busier with her family and business, we just drifted apart.  I saw her for about five minutes at the Women’s Expo last September.  She was reading and I was reading so our day was filled with other people’s energy.  I didn’t get to see her again until this August at the New Age Fair.  It was just like old times.

If you want to meet this wonderful woman, you’ll have two opportunities this month.  She is reading on Saturday, September 8 for Psychic Saturday.  You can pre-schedule an appointment with her.  She will also be reading in my booth (#203) on Sunday, September 30 at the Natural Living Expo in Sturbridge.  She’s a fun energy to be around so I hope you’ll schedule a reading with her or stop by and meet her at the show.

Just a thought for today…who have you not connected with in awhile?  Give them a call, send them a text, or even send an old snail mail card to them to let them know you are thinking of them.  This time of new energy is about creating community.  We don’t always have to seek out new people to be a part of our community.  Sometimes those who have been in our life already may need to come back in for some reason.  Give it a shot and see what happens.  You’ll either find out why you drifted apart or you’ll realize that everyone has the opportunity for change and some of us actually take that opportunity and run with it.

Check out all the International Angel Day events on the web site.  It’s a fun weekend and a portion of the proceeds goes to Children’s Advancement Fund.

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