HOPE in 2013

Happy New Year!  I’m off enjoying a few days of vacation and resting up for what will be a very busy 2013.  On Tuesday, I held the free meditations for the new year.  This is the third year of offering this event.  Year one, we had 28 people in one session. Year two, we had 48 people between two sessions.  This year, we had 70 people between two sessions.  As I was cleaning up after the event, I had to stop and give gratitude to Spirit for all of the abundance that has been shown to me in the last few years.  I am still in awe each time I hold an event and have that kind of a turn out.  It puts a stamp of validation that I am on the right track in what is being offered at the Center and that the subject content connects with so many.

As with each year, my guides have a special message for all the New Year’s Day attendees.  This year, our message was of HOPE.  As we step forward bravely into this new year, we are to be reminded that a lot has been released from our past experiences and that we are to look forward with a knowingness of hope.  We are not wishing for things to happen.  We know in our soul that they can and will happen.  It is the year that we move our mind and our ego out of the way in order for our soul to truly remember it’s knowing.  Keep HOPE in your heart and you will enjoy a wonderful year.

Many of us have released a lot of junk this past year.  Many of us are still releasing and many of us are just beginning the process of releasing.  Time will heal all as we ALLOW the healing to begin or continue.  This is a year of ALLOWING, not figuring out, thinking through or planning.  As we ALLOW Spirit to work through us, all will be in divine order.

The second part of the message was to notice the opportunities before us.  Our human mind wants to tell us that if opportunities come before us, that there is a right and wrong answer.  If we choose one, the other will be wrong. If we choose the other, this one will be wrong.  When we allow the mind to play this game, we get stuck and take no action.  The message is to understand that all the opportunities before you are RIGHT.  It is the one that you take action toward that the Universe will respond to.  The Universe does not respond to stagnation and inactivity.  It responds to action.  So instead of thinking one thing is right and the other is wrong, we are to recognize that they are both RIGHT.  Follow your heart and leave the fear back in 2012.

I so look forward to being part of your growth path in 2013.  I hope you will join me for the many programs being offered at the Center.  This year is my year of offering more advanced and in-depth training programs through The PSYCHE Institute for Higher Learning.  This month is the beginning of the Medical Intuitive Certificate Program.  This is an 8-month program that meets one Saturday a month.  If you have an inclination toward Medical Intuition, this is a great way for you to tap in, learn to work with the energy, practice your skills and get validation.

The Healing in Harmony Center is growing fast.  I invite you to become a part of this wonderful community of people if you are not already active with us.  I look forward to the message I receive for next New Year’s Day!

Many blessings of hope and opportunity for all of you.  Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year Priscilla! I’m reading your message and taking it to heart, I look forward to seeing the center continue to grow this year and can’t wait to see what this great New Year brings!!


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