The Importance of Community

I had a most interesting day today with my Spiritual Development groups.  We were working in seance and a Teacher for me in Spirit channeled a message through me.  She spoke of the importance of community and joining together in matching vibration.  This is what she said:

“Imagine an orchestra of musicians.  Each musician has their unique role in the orchestra.   It is possible for each musician to make beautiful music on their own, but if they only practice individually, they would eventually reach a limitation on the scope of their music.  With consistent practice,when these individual musicians come together, each with their unique gift or talent, they play magnificent music. It is the blending of the instruments and the individual talents that makes it magnificent.”

“It is the same with practicing your gifts from Spirit.  You practice individually and it is good, yet when you come together as a group, it is magnificent. The vibration raises and each person walks away with a higher vibration, which then helps them in their individual practice.  It is a consistent cycle of individual practice and group practice.  Each is significant in their purpose, yet one does not outweigh the other.”

It is a beautiful message for growth. We are each individuals with our own unique talents.  We need to maintain that individuality and find that balance with being a part of this great big world. When we gather in groups, our unique energy blends with the energy of others to bond us in Oneness. Even though we are bonded as a group, we are able to grow individually, just because we had that opportunity to be in a group.  As much as we want that down time away from others, it is important for us to also unite with others in order to grow.

We need community in order for us to grow.  Period.

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