Why are you doing what you are doing?

I had a rude awakening on Friday afternoon as I slammed the door of Chipotle Grill into my big toe.  It was cold outside and I had on the new lighter sneakers that are more like being barefoot, so I did a good amount of damage to my toe.  Of course, I had an event that night, another all day on Saturday and another on Sunday.  Somehow I’ve managed through the weekend and this week with just a few minor adjustments.

What I woke up to was an old pattern for myself.  I was running around that afternoon because I had so many events that weekend.  I only had a few hours to run errands and feed myself before coming back to the Center to meditate, of all things.  Rush, rush, rush, so I could meditate.  Kind of an oxymoronic statement!  The old pattern was one of validation.  I was working so hard on Friday, so that I would be ready and “on” for Saturday’s Medical Intuitive program.  I wanted it to be just right and have everyone have a good experience.  I know the people attending were investing a lot of time and money by taking the program, so I felt I needed it to be perfect to justify that.

I know, in my mind, that anything I put out is quality.  I have Spirit on my side and the information will simply flow through me to the participants.  I have complete confidence in what I teach and especially that class.  It’s that human quality that needs reassurance.  It’s that human quality that just needed that validation that the fee I was charging was of value and I was worthy of putting out a class for that amount of money.  Such an old habit that it took me crippling myself to get me to see it.  What a beautiful lesson it was heading into the class on Saturday to share my lesson because that is exactly what Medical Intuition is all about.  Can you identify the root cause of the pain?

How many things are you taking on just out of need for validation?  When you are feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself why.  Are you taking on other people’s “stuff” so they will stay around in your life, like you or keep paying you a paycheck?  Are you doing it out of an old habit or like me, a need for validation?  Whatever it is, stop it now!  The first step to recovery is awareness.  The second is acceptance and understanding.  The third is to make the changes that you are ready for.

If you don’t stay aware of your shadows, the door will hit you in the toe and cripple you!

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