Getting back on Track

It’s New Year’s Resolution time and whether you are committing to something specific or just wanting to make a change, these five tips will help you get back on track.

  • Keep it simple

Change can be scary.  When you set the goal, you have every good intention of attaining it.  It’s nice to keep your eye on the goal, however, there may be about 100 steps to take before you get to the goal.  Spend some time looking at what small things you need to do to get you to the big achievement.  If it’s weight loss, don’t shock your body with a drastic reduction in calories or a huge increase in physical activity.  Make a smaller goal that you can easily accomplish like eating slower or getting to the gym for some simple activity at least two times per week.  It takes about 21 days to make a habit.  Find one thing you can do and then do it.

  • Give yourself a break

We are human.  As humans, we get to make choices.  When making choices, sometimes we don’t always make the best ones.  Give yourself a break and accept your challenges.  If you make a “mistake”, it doesn’t have to be forever.  It was a temporary lapse in judgment and you can move on from that point.

  • Be realistic

When you set your goal, be realistic.    Start small and then, if you desire, set another goal after that one is achieved.  You don’t have to eat the elephant all in one bite!

  • Gather support

Studies show that without support, you are more likely to fall off the wagon.  Before starting your process, gather a team of people who know what you are aiming for or perhaps are joining you in attaining the same goal.  Look for a coach to work with or join online groups or MeetUp groups with the same intention as yours.  Avoid those people who wish to sabotage you.

  • Focus on your successes instead of your challenges

No one said change would be easy but it can be easier if you focus on your little successes.  Shift your attention to what you did accomplish instead of on what didn’t work.  See the lesson in what didn’t work so you can turn it around and make it a success.  Your successes don’t have to be big.  Just the simple things like the fact that you stayed on track for one day.  YEAH!  Write down your successes so you have a list to go to when you are feeling off track.  When you re-read them, you get to celebrate them a second time.

I know you can do it so I won’t wish you good luck.  You don’t need luck.  Just some confidence that you have all the tools you need to accomplish your goal.  Own it and you will succeed.  Let me know how you did!

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