Three feet of snow, the long process of cleaning it up and a whole lot of patience required.  As I spent about five hours this afternoon helping my landlord plow and shovel out the driveway (and it’s a long one), I had to remember to have patience.  None of us can change the situation.  The snow is here and as inconvenient as it has been, there was some Divine Purpose for this much snow.  The temptation to rush through the clean up process only ended in frustration as there was still a lot of snow to be removed, no matter how fast or slow we went.  With a great team effort, we finally got the driveway done around 5:30 p.m. and it felt great.

Patience reminder #2 for me tonight.  After we had the snow cleaned up, I went to start my car and had a deader than dead battery.  In his attempt to move my vehicle this morning, my landlord left the key in the ignition not completely turned off.  Nine hours in this position lead to a drained battery.  Again, patience required as we hooked up the jumper cables and revved up my battery.

Patience reminder #3.  Around 8:30 p.m. I received a call from the building manager at the Center saying that the plowing company was having trouble cleaning up the parking lot. They had nowhere to put the snow and need to bring in a payloader tomorrow to keep the parking lot safe.   After I had been so organized on Friday to get everyone from Friday and Saturday moved to Sunday, I now had to cancel everyone and find a place to schedule them.

I’m sure before the clean up is completely done, I’ll have another patience challenge before me.  The key is to know that it is what it is.  We don’t have control over any of this so we might as well chill out, take it slow and enjoy the time off.  Perhaps the Universe is telling us to slow down.  Perhaps the time off is allowing all the flu germs to die off so we aren’t passing it around to anyone.  Perhaps the self-employed individuals doing the plowing needed the additional revenue this season to take care of their families.  I don’t have the answer as to why, but I do know there is a reason.  Just remember that by Law of Attraction, whatever you put your attention to, you will attract.  Focusing on the negative aspects will only attract more negative energy to your experience.

Spend this time with your family.  Give gratitude that you have power, water, cable and internet access.  Enjoy the silence. Have patience with yourself and others as we all are in the same situation.  Be a kid again and go play in the snow!


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