Your Circumstances don’t determine your mood…

I’ve been saying this to people a lot lately.

“Your circumstances don’t determine your mood.  You determine your mood.”

If you find yourself in a home, work or life environment surrounded by negativity, you don’t get to give up and join the crowd.  The reason you are in that situation is perhaps because you need to be the positive light that changes the environment.  Your mood is merely a choice you make.  You can choose to call it negativity.  You can choose to accept that everyone around you is simply on their path which has no consequence for you.  You can choose to believe that they choose to be negative.  Whatever it is, you get to choose how you respond to your circumstances.

I often wonder how people can wake up in a “bad” mood.  Your circumstance when you come into conscious mind is “I’m lying in bed with my eyes open.”  How can that put you in a bad mood?  What happened in the sleep state that put them there?  Yes, energetically, we have days of higher vibration and days of lower vibration.  A lower vibration day doesn’t mean a “bad” mood.  It simply means life may be moving a little slower and we are attracting a little less than our higher vibrating days.

What we choose to create for ourselves and how we respond to that experience is what we live. 

In this metaphysical world, many speak about protecting ourselves from lower energies.  They say that we absorb negative energy.  We need to shield and protect ourselves from negative energy.  Perhaps I’m the only medium out there who chooses to focus on the light instead of all that negative darkness.

Truly, from what are we needing to protect ourselves? 

If we live in the light, we will be surrounded by the light.  Our angels and guides are with us and act as our managers.  They are pure love and will not harm us.

Believe in the light and there will be no darkness.  Be the light that shines in this world and all will be well.

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