I am so blessed

I am feeling so blessed this beautiful Monday evening.  It’s a full moon and I can definitely feel the shift in energy in my body and within the walls of this Center.  It’s late and I’m still at the Center sitting in the quiet.  It was quite a long weekend filled with activities and I’m just winding down now to be able to reflect upon them.

I am in the final week of my 49th year of life on this planet.  It’s interesting to me that in my life,  I have never really recognized or celebrated much on my birthdays.  An occassional dinner with family or friends throughout the years, but usually a rather quiet day just like every other day.  I’m not worried or nervous about turning 50, it’s just an interesting time for me because I don’t really have any expectation or disappointment around the age.  I’m surrounded by people I love and who love me.  I get to do what makes me happy for a living.  I have my health and all my basic needs.  I don’t need to know what the future brings for me.  It will be what it will be when it will be.

I’m feeling particularly blessed today because I’m surrounded by love.  My good friends Bonnie and Rachel thought that they would surprise me on Saturday with a gathering of students to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  Much to their disappointment, I wasn’t surprised by my surprise party because I have that lovely connection to Spirit who told me it was happening.  I do thank them for trying and I’m sorry that I ruined the surprise.  I was however in awe of the people who showed up on a Saturday afternoon to gather in my honor.  It was lovely to just watch everyone connect and enjoy the company of each other.   And for that, I am most grateful.

I am also feeling blessed today because I am surrounded by abundance.  There have been so many new faces who have come into the Center this past month.  I don’t know how all of them have found me, but I feel so blessed by their presence.  Each day, it takes me a longer period of time to answer emails and phone calls.  Regardless of the crazy weather we have been experiencing this month, classes have been filling up.   I have over a year left on my lease in this building and I’m knowing I need a larger space.  As overwhelming as it can be at times, I feel so blessed by the path I am on and the people who are walking it with me.  Although my name is the only one on this business, all of you are in it with me, regardless of our connection.

This is a year of extreme growth for me and for many other people.    Change is all around us and we can only ride the wave.  Don’t try to control it.  Just be with it.  Embrace it.  Love it.  Allow it.  Receive it. Be blessed by it.

You may recognize the challenge in letting go and stepping into the unknown, but I promise you, once you do, it will be well worth it.   What is coming ahead of you is so much better if you will let go of your fear of the unknown and the story of your past.

I love you all and I thank you for being in my life.

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  1. Hi Priscilla–

    I was thinking of you today because it’s your birthday (although I guess I technically missed your birthday since it’s after midnight!), and decided to see if I could locate you. Imagine my surprise (and joy) to discover you’re just across the river. Hope you had a great day. Judging by your birthday message above, all is well with you. It would be great to reconnect. Happy Birthday! Love, Sheila


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