It has been awhile since I last posted here.  It has been on my “to do” list and just keeps getting put onto the next, then the next and the next.  I’m back and I’m promising myself that I will be here at least once per week with my rambling thoughts and perspective.

The last month or so I have been receiving the message of Mastery.  My guides have been noticing patterns in the students who come to the Center.  Many come to learn a new metaphysical skill.  Others come to gain a foundation to what they are receiving from Spirit.  Still others come out of curiosity and exploration.  What they are all really saying is “I want to master my spiritual connection.”  In essence, we have already mastered our spiritual path 100%.

It is in the mastery of the human experience that the spiritual path widens and flows easier.

A HA!  Yes, it is true.  As many classes that I offer that are dedicated to teaching mediumship and the like, what I am really teaching is how to master what it is to be human.  It’s all about perspective.  Mastering the human experience requires us to see things from a higher perspective.  The higher perspective is one without judgment or fear.    It is one that just IS.  I’ve mentioned this before but it is worth repeating.  You are creating this experience you call your life.

If you look at how much time and energy you put into YOUR STORY about your life, rather than actually living and experiencing your life, you would realize how much time and energy you have held yourself stuck in your experience. 

You were not placed on this earth plane randomly.  You were chosen to be here at this time and you accepted that challenge.  If you master this experience called human, all that you desire spiritually will come rushing toward you.  Here are eight steps to Mastery of the Human Experience.  I will blog further about each over the next few weeks.

  1. Notice when you are caught in your story.  Stop, drop and roll.  Stop the story, drop your judgment of it and roll with reality.
  2. Spend time with Spirit every day. 
  3. Be grateful for all that you have, have had and don’t have.
  4. Don’t be afraid to let go of everything you thought you needed, knew or owned.
  5. Live without expectation. Every day will be a surprise!
  6. Recognize the Oneness between all beings with whom you come in contact.
  7. Don’t deny your shadow.  It exists, you just don’t like it as much as the light side of you.
  8. Love yourself in order to have a greater capacity to love others.  

If any of the above topics jump out at you, spend some time with it and find out what you believe about it.  I’ll share my thoughts in future posts and would love to hear your ideas.  Until then, be grateful and create a wonderful experience for yourself.


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