The REAL New Kids on the Block

Helping Children

I am so happy to share an article I wrote for The Door Opener Magazine’s Summer Issue entitled (you got it) The REAL New Kids on the Block. The Door Opener is in it’s 27th year of publication dealing exclusively in spirituality, holistic health, and metaphysics in Connecticut.  It’s mission is to enhance the connections of community, education, and practitioner/patient opportunities throughout Connecticut in the areas of spirituality, holistic health, and metaphysics.

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If you are the parent of a child and in search of some answers about your child’s intuitive gifts, here is a list of our upcoming workshops and classes. To register, please call 860.430.9801 or complete our registration form at the bottom of our Youth Programs page.

The REAL New Kids on the Block
Tuesday, August 13th
7:00pm – 8:00pm
There is a new generation of children coming into the world who possess amazing energy and intuitive gifts. They are here to bring peace to our planet. Gain insight into their path and how to help them navigate the world. This workshop is ideal for parents or teachers of these children.

IN-2-IT Kid’s Expo
Saturday, June 15th
10:00am – 1:00pm
Bring your kids by the Center for a fun day of exploration.  We’ll have stations set up for your kids to explore their intuition and spiritual gifts. There will be workshops, games, healing sessions and more.  Appropriate for kids up to age 13.  For information, please call 860.301.1468 or visit

Spiritual Development Circle for Kids
Time: 4:45pm – 5:45pm
Cost: $10 per class

Do you have an intuitive child who needs to be with like-minded people?  This is a 10-week program for kids.  Each week participants will learn meditation techniques and then work with a variety of skills to develop their intuitive gifts.  Parental permission required.

Your child may enter into the group at any time.  It’s geared towards grades 2 – 8.

Private sessions are available for youth of all ages.  If you have a child who is highly intuitive and may be having difficulty accepting or adjusting to the real world, private sessions are available with Priscilla.  As the universal energy is opening up and becoming stronger, your kids will find that they are much more sensitive to their environment.  In younger children, you may find them withdrawing, having scary dreams or not wanting to go to sleep.  In older teens, you may find them turning to alcohol and drugs to numb themselves.  Priscilla has worked with kids for over 30-years as a coach, mentor and guide.  Each child is handled individually and accepted for where they are in their life journey.  Help and healing is only a phone call away.


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