A message for 2014

If you missed the New Year’s Day meditations, here is the message from the Masters.

One year ago, we gathered here to celebrate surviving the 2012 Shift.  We went into 2013 knowing that the energy would be moving quickly and it certainly held true to form.  In 2013, the word for the year was movement.  It felt like the energy was erratic and scattered.  A lot of old emotional stuff was coming up and although we could deal with it easier, it was still creating some stress for many.  2013 was about gathering tools much in the way of education and life lessons.  Our relationships were our best teachers for the year.

As you reflect on 2013 from where you stand today, would those relationships “fit” into your life today?

The major difference between 2013 and 2014 will be in the form of movement.  In 2013 we had movement all over the place.  In 2014, the movement will be with a purpose.  You will be taking the tools you learned in 2013 and applying them to areas of your life in 2014.  If it was education, you will start to use the tools you learned for yourself first and then with others.  If it was life lessons, it doesn’t mean they won’t come up before you again.  If they do, you will be quicker to notice the lesson at hand and be well-armed to deal with the lesson.

In 2014, community will be important.  Our vibration is raising to align with the earth’s energy and Universal energy.  Gathering in community helps us to stay in this vibration and share our energy with others.  If you are not joining a community, you may be creating a community of your own.  This can come in the way of family, friends and co-workers or simply a spiritual community.

In the world of business, many smaller businesses will become more important.  They will have a greater market share and will be hiring.  Larger businesses will still exist, however they will have their share of problems as well as successes.  Many people will be moving to self-employment, either in addition to a job or in lieu of one.

Financially, we are moving into 1960’s values.  We are being asked to look at how much we really need.  The difference between 2014 and 1960 is that in the 60’s our parent’s saved their money out of fear, mostly because their parents were born in the Depression years.   We put money aside for the things we desire.  Money is our form of exchange in the world.  The way we use it will not be different but our relationship with it will be different. We look at our Return on Investment of time, energy and money instead of just money.  Review your finances and see where you have fat.  What can you cut back on, not from fear but from fiscal responsibility.

You may not be able to control the Global Economy but you can control your Own Economy.

We are being asked to pay attention to our health.  As our vibration changes, our physical body may not be able to handle the shift.  If you have an issue, address it right away.  Waiting will exacerbate the situation.  Get plenty of rest and keep your physical body clean from toxins.

As in the past, we are learning to ALLOW the Universe to provide for us.  Let go of control and allow what is coming for you to occur.  Old fearful ways get in the way of allowing.

Enjoy this new vibration and this new energy.  We stand with you in this time of growth and development.

A note from Priscilla:

As we enter 2014, I am so honored to have connected with you during this past year.  The Center is growing in leaps and bounds as I begin the process of finding more space to handle the next level of growth.  Six practitioners joined me at the Center in 2013 and are growing their practices.  At the end of 2012, I launched the PSYCHE Institute for Higher Learning and to date, over 100 people have come through the certificate programs.  I spent the year creating curriculum and now will spend 2014 creating curriculum for more advanced programs.  I finally recorded my four meditation CDs and they are selling well.  Also, the “What would Priscilla say?” card deck came out and an additional deck will be coming soon in 2014.

All of this growth wouldn’t be possible without the support of this community.  I am grateful for the people who come through the Center and participate in the classes and services offered.  Thank you all for your support.  I look forward to our continued relationship in 2014. 

Many blessings,


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