A message from Lady Master Nada

I’m doing a segment on working with the Ascended Masters in my Spiritual Development Groups.  This week we had the pleasure of working with Lady Master Nada.  Lady Nada is a personal favorite of mine and often works with me during readings and healings.  Her energy is soft and gentle and very sisterly for me.  She reminds me often that “when we have nothing, we have everything.”  I have heeded her words many times over the past years in developing the Center and have found much truth in them.

The Ascended Masters each represent a quality or characteristic that will help us in living this human experience.  They are around us to remind us to learn these qualities and/or to implement them into our lifetime on this earth.  Lady Nada represents service and ministry, a path on which she has clearly been assisting me.   She provided a lovely message of service and ministry the other day and I thought I would share it here as many need to hear it and understand it.

“I present to each of you a single white rose to represent my message to you.  Many see the beauty of the flower blossom and the purity of the color.  It is where the eye is usually first drawn.  Each petal is individual and unique of its own accord.  It has its own shape, size and aroma.  And in combination, these petals create the ONE.  Imagine each petal representing 1,000 lives you are to reach, directly or indirectly.  One thousand lives times the number of petals on that single rose is the potential of your reach.

The lesson of service and ministry lies in  your attention to the stem.  As it is not the most beautiful part of the flower, it is often bypassed.  The stem provides the support system for this beautiful flower.  It is the channel by which water and vital nutrients reach the flower.   Without the stem doing its mission, the flower will die.  Without each of you providing support and service to those you serve, they will wither and die.

Notice the stem has thorns and leaves as a source of protection.  These boundaries are not meant to harm, but to protect.  So one who is called to service and ministry needs to understand these boundaries for themselves.  You are called to be of service, not to be a servant.  The stem does not overtake the flower and do the work it needs to blossom.  It merely supports the process, holding space if you will, so the rose can do its job.  Remembering this will conserve your energy and allow you to reach a greater audience.

The stem is also deeply rooted into the ground.  The roots run deep into Mother Earth for stability and support.  You were placed here on this earth to Master this Human Experience.  Utilize the magnificent energy of the Earth’s vibration to help you with your service and ministry.  Accept the challenges of being human graciously and with your heart open.  When you are accepting of your spiritual nature and apply what your soul knows to your human experience, you will grow and flourish as the rose.

There is a natural life and death process for each rose.  As each cycle completes, the flower rests before blossoming again.  The roots and stem continue the process of support.  Even as each petal, finishes its cycle falling from the rose, a rebirth is already in the making for a new blossom to appear.  The stem still stands strong, waiting for the process to occur, appearing to do nothing but always providing support.  When you are being of service, you are ready and waiting to support growth at every level for the lives you support.  And with each life you touch, you grow stronger and more secure and more rooted into the Earth.   It is a natural occurrence that when you hold space for another’s growth path, you also grow.  With each interaction, you become better and what you are doing in your ministry.

If you wish to work with me, simply call upon me when you are quiet.  Ask me for guidance on which path is of least resistance for you.  Ask me how you can put into service the skills and abilities that are in your nature.  Your life purpose is not a career you seek but a path you travel.  Implement the qualities that I teach you and you will serve your purpose in this lifetime.

Be well.”

I just love Lady Master Nada!

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