A shout out to young adults

There is a lot of positive to say about the younger generations who are coming up in the world.  So often I hear people complaining about this younger generation and how they act entitled and privileged.  From those I come in contact with, I see it as them learning self-empowerment early in life rather than later in life.  For the adults who want to judge, I see it as a jealousy of these young adults not having to serve their time like they did when they were young.  In my earlier years, accountability was clearer.  We knew if we didn’t behave, that we would be in trouble.  If I didn’t do my homework, I would hear it from my teacher and my parents.  I see this new generation as understanding what is important to them and what is not.  They know where to put their energy and what doesn’t need their attention at this time.  On some level, they do understand accountability.  They don’t necessarily experience the accountability immediately but they do understand it.

I am the proud aunt to 11 nieces and nephews ranging in age from 30 down to 18.  I had the pleasure of watching them grow up and being connected to them in the way of taking them for a weekend or watching them while my siblings were at work.  The best part of that was to be able to send them home at the end of the day or weekend.   I like to think of myself as the “favorite aunt” but I’m sure my siblings might disagree.  I love spending time with them now the most.  I sit at the “kids table” on the holidays so I can catch up with them.  They are all at that age of finding themselves which is such a pleasure to watch.

I am most proud of seeing my nieces and nephews make perceived mistakes and then make another choice that feels better.  Without knowing it, they have become Masters of the Law of Attraction.  They haven’t told themselves some story about how it will mar them for the rest of their life.  They just make another decision and move on to the next thing.  Throughout the years, two of my nieces have walked away from relationships, not because they were bad, but because it wasn’t what they wanted for themselves at that time in their life.  Three of them have put God as the foundation of their marriage.  How can you go wrong with that?  I see my nephews knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives and then taking the steps to accomplish it.  Yes, there are minor emotional inconveniences along the way, but most of them have come from outside of them.  Yes, they fall down but they don’t stay down.  Yes, they have emotional detours, they are human.  I love watching how much they learn and how quickly they learn it.  They won’t be emotionally unstable 50 year olds who have put their lives aside for someone else’s expectations of them.  They will be well-seasoned 50 year olds who have learned their lessons from their challenges.  I love it!

On this day after Valentine’s Day, I send my love to Danielle, Alex, Nikki, Ryan, Nick, Liana, Bethany, CJ, Miranda, Tia and Alyssa.  I am proud of all of you and hope that you are proud of yourselves for the young adults you are and who you are becoming. You are the leaders of your generation who are to bring peace to this world.  You are the advocates.  Use your voice and be of service.  Be empowered and know when to ask for help.  And of course, if you fall down, I’m right here to help you see the lesson.  I love you all!


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