Ouija® Boards

Here we go again!  Hollywood getting involved in spiritual practices and creating a frenzy.  The latest culprit is the movie Ouija. The premise of the movie is that a group of friends have a friend who has crossed over into the spirit world.  They use a Ouija® board to communicate with her and open a door to all sorts of evil spirits.  In Hollywood, what other kinds of spirits are there? Oh by the way, this movie is rated PG-13 and opened at #1 in the weekend box office.

I must admit that I did watch the movie trailer that is going around on Facebook that is quite comical.  If every visit to a Medium was like that, no one would ever book a session!  And so, back to the movie and my point.

The “talking board” as it is often referred to was first commercially produced in the 1800’s by Elijah J. Bond.  Bond sold the patent to William Fuld in 1892 and Fuld founded the Southern Novelty Company in Maryland, which later changed its name to the Baltimore Talking Board Company.  They produced the “Oriole Talking Board” which later was renamed “Ouija®, the Mystifying Oracle.”  In 1966, Parker Brothers bought the rights to the Ouija® board.  Through many company merges and changes, Hasbro is now the maker of the board (and their version has a glow-in-the-dark planchette). Over the years, the board became a novelty item to serve as amusement at parties.

There are many documented Mediums who have used the Ouija® board as a valid form of spirit communication.  Pearl Curran, who channeled Patience Worth, is a noted Medium and user of the board as well as Jane Roberts, channeling Seth. Used with correct intent, the board has validity in the world of physical phenomena.  I’m not really sure when it became a High School party game to channel evil spirits.

I have no intention of seeing this movie.  Production companies have every right to  produce a movie.  We all have the right to watch it or not watch it.  The most important thing to remember is that kids will be going to this movie.  The distinction between reality and Hollywood is harder for them to discern.  There are many kids who are going to buy a board at the local Toys-R-Us and allow their ego to step in ahead of their spirit.  It will become cool to make an evil spirit appear.  In reality, it is the child moving the planchette as it only truly moves with a high vibration of the Medium.  How is that moving us toward anything?  Can’t we spend time teaching kids to meditate and raise their vibration to receive higher messages?

I’m fully aware that many people believe that what I do is the work of evil.  When I first started this work, my Guides told me that if I focus on the light, there will be no darkness. I’ve chosen to take that path and I’m confident that the work I do is of the light.  I focus on service and assisting people in their personal growth.

I have three talking boards at the Center.  If you are interested in learning the proper way to raise your vibration to make the board work, let me know.  I’m happy to add a class for kids and adults in spirit communication using the boards.   Comment if you are interested.

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