A message for 2015

On New Year’s Day, I had over 100 people come through the door for our annual meditation.  This year, instead of just two sessions, I added an additional session to handle the large number of people.  Each year, my Guides provide me with a message to deliver before the meditation.  In case you weren’t able to attend, here is the message for 2015.

This year, two key words are Hope and Faith.  Keep your intentions positive and don’t put too much energy on a specific outcome.  Just know that as you raise your vibration with Hope, you will receive a matching vibration of energy.  Faith is important as our spiritual nature is becoming stronger this year and fear has no place in your life.

Many are aligning with their true nature this year.  Last year, we were releasing people and things that no longer served our higher good.  That was moving into this year where we will achieve what it is we desire.  Your true spiritual nature is coming forth and expressing itself without fear, doubt or worry. Stay true to yourself and maintain a strong relationship with yourself.  You may be called to take some brave and bold steps.  Say yes as you step outside of your box.  All will be well.

Those who work with teens are encouraged to hold space for them.  Their decisions will be their own, not necessarily yours so it may be challenging as a parent or mentor for these teens.  They are feeling the enormity of their calling in this world however they are not understanding fully what that calling is and when it will appear.  The most important lesson to guide them to is to be accountable for their actions.  You may not agree with their decisions but just support them and teach them accountability.

People in your life my leave permanently or temporarily.  If they do come back into your life, relationships will be stronger.  In fact, all of the relationships that are in your life will become stronger.  It is important for you to share what you need from those who are in relationship with you.  Always come from the “I” and not from the “you should” place.  Stay in your own energy and continue to work on your relationship with yourself and all other relationships will align with the strength of your energy.

The key word this year is Patience.  The energy will continue to move quickly for the first six months of the year and then it will seem to settle down.  You are more aligned with your direction however, you want things to happen now.  That will not be the case and it is important for you to maintain a patient demeanor as all will happen in its proper time.

This is a year of blessings and you are encouraged to stay focused on all that you have. You have a lot of energy around you in the physical world as well as in the spiritual world.   Open your heart and mind to receive the unconditional love that is around you.

Happy 2015!

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