Are you living a “just” life?

I’ve been thinking lately about the words we use.  I believe that sometime in the near future, I will actually have a book on that topic.  One of the words that has been jumping out at me lately is the word “just”.  I hear people say, “I just need enough money to pay my bills.” “I’m just a cashier. What do they expect of me?”.

The word just has many definitions with one of them being “merely or barely”.  When we talk about ourselves in a “just” way, we diminish our potential.  We are filled with amazing capabilities and potential.  Our souls came in that way.  We can attract anything we desire in this lifetime.

Your challenge for the next 30-days is to catch yourself living a “just” life.  Notice how many times you are using the word to describe a situation in your life then Stop, Drop and RollStop and catch yourself in the act.  Drop the story of lack and shift it to something more bountiful.  Roll with the reality of your situation, accept it and move on.

The more aware you become of the your limiting language, the easier it is to change it.  So, instead of living a “just” life, live a bountiful and abundant life.

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