Thank you CL&P workers

Our power is fully restored here at The Healing in Harmony Center.  Some people in the state are still without power and are still getting wiring done and trees cleaned up.  For the most part, we are all getting back to our lives.

Many have been complaining about the lack of speed at which the power has been coming back on.  The Governor was on the television all weekend reprimanding CL&P, as if they were little children.  I myself, would rather give gratitude to the linemen and linewomen who were on the job day and night, leaving their families behind, most without power themselves.  It takes a strong person to step into a job that requires them to be exposed daily to high risk of electrocution, the elements and the physical demands on their body.  I dare any of you to climb a 30 foot pole while the wind is blowing at your face.  While many of us were off to bed early each night, somewhat glad to have some recovery time, these men and women were out working through all hours of the night so that we may have the conveniences we are accustomed to.  Everyone, including CL&P, was doing the best they could at every given moment during the week.  They could have just done their job, but they chose to do it correctly so that all of us would be safe.

This will not be the last storm we have in Connecticut.  This was a precursor for each of us to recognize how much we do have and how much we can do without.  As we approach the holiday gift giving season, do you really need to spend money on expensive electronics that will not work anytime the power goes out? This is a perfect time to teach your children the lesson of doing with less.  Let’s get back to basics and take a look at what we really need.  As the universe is shifting, so too must we shift.  We are coming to a simpler time where “stuff” isn’t important.  It’s a time of connecting and assisting each other.  How many of you were impacted by meeting a new acquaintance at Panera or Whole Foods while you were sharing a power strip to charge your cell phone or lap top? We are all ONE.  Just because the power is back on, doesn’t mean we stop shining our light into the world.

I challenge you to not go back to where you were before the storm.  Take the lessons that you learned last week and apply them each and every day.  Make a positive difference in someone’s life each and every day and be happy about it.  No one is a stranger, just a friend you haven’t yet met.

You are the light of the world.  Please turn your switch to the ON position!

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