What an amazing week I have had so far.  Spirit is truly using me to move people forward in their lives and it feels amazing.  There are so many new people coming into the Center who are ready to make huge shifts in their life.  I am truly blessed to be a part of these life changes and look forward to whatever else comes my way.

As I was facilitating the Women’s Empowerment Meditation this past Sunday, I received the theme of the day from my guides.  I usually don’t reveal it to the group until it comes up during the conversation.  Sure enough, there it was…GRACE.  I know well of this topic as my guides spent a year of my life imparting this knowledge to me.  Everywhere I went that year, the word grace would come up.  I would have strangers come up to me and the word would come up.  I was at an Angelspeake workshop with Trudy Griswold and she ended up as my partner for an automatic writing.  We each had to pick an angel card, then do a writing for the other person about the card they picked.  Sure enough, out of 50 cards, I picked the Grace card.

What is grace?  The common definition is that it is unearned favor.  In easier terms, it is blessing placed upon you without you having to do anything for it.  We all are grace-filled. The mere fact that you are existing on this earth at this time, is grace.  You were chosen to be here and you accepted.  This is a miraculous time of change within the physical world and you were picked to be here.  My question to you is “How do you want to live this life?”.  When you recognize that the blessing has already been given to you, you are living in grace.  You can simply move about your life knowing that you have been chosen.  The key to living gracefully is to not let the ego in.

In our humanness, we often use comparisons as a means of measuring how we are doing.  My gifts are better than that person’s gifts.  I make more money than they do.  Or on the flip side, I’m not as good as they are.  Look what they can do.   You will never step grace-fully into your life until you stop comparing and accept what is.  So what if someone else is further along than you are.  It’s their path.  Keep your eye on your path.  In other words, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

If you wish to recognize grace in your life, take a look at the quiet moments when you are just happy to be.  You notice that you are enough.  The silence is enough.  As you walk through your day and chaos is all around you, remember the silence.  When you are grace-filled, you carry yourself as a representative of Spirit living within you.  There is no need to receive validation from outside sources.  You know that you validate yourself by every thought, every action, and every interaction.

When we say the ballerina moves gracefully, we refer to the beautiful flow of her movements.  When you are grace-full, you flow with the experiences of your life.  You are able to find a rhythm within your life that is uninterrupted.  You follow the music of your heart for that is where self-love resides.

But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me. (1Corinthians 15:10) 

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