How many times do you hear the word AWESOME during your day?  Perhaps you say it or you hear a co-worker or family member share their excited view about something.  Humans use this word over and over again to reference an event or moment where they felt complete elation.  Sometimes it is a great meal.  Sometimes it was a book that was read.  And sometimes, it was just spending time with someone.

The definition of the word AWESOME means to inspire AWE.  The word AWE is defined as an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like.  Are you really revering that hot dog you just ate? Was it so grand and powerful that it inspired awe?  Yes, I jest, however I hear the word overused so much that I want to bring you back to the Truth.

I’m preparing for the Introduction to Trance Channeling and Introduction to Trance Healing classes tomorrow and I’m so excited about the teaching.  When I look at the evidence of physical phenomena, it is AWESOME.  To know that our energy is so available for Spirit energies to work through us to produce such amazing phenomena, inspires me to be a better human.  When my clients come back to me after a Trance Healing and tell me that their cyst is gone or that their eyesight has improved, I find that pretty AWESOME.  I am humbled that Spirit has chosen me to be the conduit through which this phenomena is produced.  The evidence is everywhere.  We just need to open our eyes, hearts and minds to allowing it in.  I am so thrilled to be sharing this knowledge with a large group of people tomorrow.  A year ago if I had offered this program, I probably wouldn’t have had half the amount of people registered.  Today, so many people are waking up to their inner knowing.  There is still room in both classes if you wish to be a part of the AWEOME journey.

Take a moment and see what really is AWESOME in your life.  What inspires you so much that it makes you want to take action?  Can you live each moment in AWE of the wonders of Spirit?  Give gratitude for what you have.  Let go of the hurts.  Allow Spirit to work through you and you will truly live an AWESOME life!


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