Activity vs Productivity

I’m sitting in the Center in the dark right now enjoying the peace and quiet before my So You Want to Be a Medium class comes in.  I’m truly enjoying the peace and quiet.  January was an extremely busy month and I found myself a little overwhelmed by all that I am doing.  There were days when I was so overwhelmed by the magnitude and the speed at which I was being asked to move, that I was completely unproductive.  I was extremely active, with no productivity.   And so, as usual, my lessons become a blog post in an effort to help others.

Why is it that we feel the need to stay so active?  From my experience, oftentimes if I’m active, I can use it as an excuse as to why things don’t get done.  Although I know there are things that need to get done, I can easily distract myself by being busy with things I like to do.  Another reason I have found I stay so active is that I can avoid my life.  If I’m keeping myself busy, I never have time to do the work on myself.  Even at this stage of the game for me, I still need to work on myself.

I taught the Trance Channeling and Trance Healing classes this past Saturday.  Both were amazing classes,  however I found myself feeling unprepared the day before class.  Usually I can teach a class with a general knowledge in my head of what needs to be taught, and then it just comes out of me when I am in front of the group.  When I put the Trance classes on the schedule, I figured I would have a lot of people who were newer to the process and had a curiosity.  Well it turned out that I had a little bit of that and a lot of people who have been studying with me for a year or more.  Many of them already knew the processes I taught so it really pushed me to prepare so that everyone would have a good experience.  No more activity…onto Productivity.

I realized that I am the most productive when I allow Spirit to work through me.  I had a general idea of what I wanted to present, but didn’t know how it would come out.  I did some minor activity to avoid thinking about it and then I squeezed in a few clients at the last minute to avoid doing the work.  After that, I just sat, and asked for help.  The door to my upper room opened and I was shown exactly how I needed to present the information. I spent about an hour on the handouts  and the class outline and it was complete.  The classes went amazingly well and will lead to more classes of the same caliber.  When I stopped the ACTIVITY, the PRODUCTIVITY could come to me.

When you find yourself so active, you are blocking abundance from coming into your experience.  You forget to ask for assistance from above.  When you forget to ask, the Universe can’t respond and so we feel stuck and start the activity cycle all over again.  God’s abundance is waiting for you.  Stop waiting for God’s abundance.  Ask for what you need and you will be so much more productive in your journey here on earth.  When you stay so active, you can not be so productive.  The abundance is yours for the taking.  Just ask, and it is given.

So, just for today, take a breath, be less active, ask for what you need and notice how productive you can really be.

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