Honor thy body

This past Monday, I had a Thai massage.  What came to me during the pain occurring in my body as my practitioner worked on me was that we are incredible beings of contrast and opposites.  Every fiber of our being has a memory.  Every fiber of our being has feeling.  Every fiber of our being is built in pairs, opposites and cross diagonal patterns.    When one muscle contracts, its’ opposite relaxes.  When the body feels pain, the real issue typically isn’t where the pain is felt.  Our right brain controls the left side of our body and our left brain controls the right side.   Our physical body is a magnificent machine designed to allow us to walk through (not in) this world with grace.

I teach that we are all here on earth at this amazing time of shifting energy because we were chosen.  We accepted to do this work, in this lifetime on the earth plane, within a physical body.  One of the most difficult things I see humans experience is not the challenge of being spiritual or being human. It is that they are challenged in understanding that they are a spiritual being having a human experience.  Many live as if they are a human being having a spiritual experience.  Our physical body has become for many of us, merely a suit we show the world.  How beautiful is our body.  How intelligent is our mind.  In all its’ magnificence, we often take our physical form for granted.  It is a vessel in which our pure, perfect energy resides.  When we are caught in our mind of worry, have to’s and should’s, we are not honoring and respecting our soul.  Our physical vessel has the ability to move in three dimensions, however many of us choose a two dimensional life by being caught in our humanness. Contrast merely exists so that we can choose what we like and what we don’t like.  We can choose how we want to be and how we don’t want to be.  We can choose to honor our physical vessel and live in ease rather than dishonor it and live in dis-ease.  Every moment of our life comes down to choice.

The next time you choose to work late and push through rather than get some rest, remember your body.  The next time you slip from your healthy food plan and eat what you know you shouldn’t, remember your body.  The next injury you get while working out and choose to ignore, remember your body.  Your soul is housed within this vessel.  Honor it.  Adore it.  Give gratitude for it.  It is a magnificent reflection of God’s grace.

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