A virus of the mind

A friend of mine had a computer virus last week and it took her forever to find a fix.  She spent about 8-hours of her day trying to find out how to get this thing off her computer.  Thanks to YouTube, she finally found a video that didn’t repeat the same basic tech support help script.  It was miraculous that she found it as there were over 500,000 videos to watch.  She happened to find the right one quickly.  As she related her story of getting rid of the virus, I couldn’t help but think how applicable it was to the virus of our mind.

The process that my friend used was to find the file name in a certain directory.  She then renamed the file and closed out of her computer.  When she rebooted, the virus couldn’t find the source file as she had renamed it and therefore couldn’t continue to try to take over her computer.  She then found the newly named file and deleted it from her hard drive.   A fairly simple process that took about ten minutes once she found the right process.

How many infected files are running through your brain right now?  That negative chatter that runs on a loop all day is simply a virus infecting your thought processes.  I often get asked how to stop the chatter.  It’s a simple process just as above.

  1. You simply recognize the infected file: “I’m not worthy. Nothing good ever happens to me.  If it can go wrong it will.  If I don’t control it, there will be total chaos.”  Do those sound like familiar file names?
  3. Reboot your brain.  Give yourself a new replacement thought like “Of course everyone loves me, they just don’t know it yet!”
  4. Find the file THINGS THAT NO LONGER SERVE MY HIGHEST GOOD and delete it.

It’s simply a paradigm shift.  You are so used to things being one way (in a good or bad way), that you can’t even stop the virus of the mind to imagine it any other way.    You know how your computer can be running perfectly, then all of a sudden it locks up?  Your computer doesn’t allow you to do anything, expect anything or accomplish anything when this happens.  You simply press CTRL+ALT+DEL at the same time and then have Task Manager close the problem program.  The Task Manager in this case is the shift in consciousness you experience when you become aware of being stuck in a mindset and need to think and be another way.  You simply need another way of thinking and being so that you can see things differently or see other available opportunities.  Even when things are going well in your life, it’s always good to question if there is something else.  We often become content in our bliss and think that is all there is.  Even in the good times, there may be something better waiting for you.

So today, update the anti-virus software of your mind with this new program I found called SELF LOVE.   It is the most powerful program on the market and it is 100% guaranteed to never let a virus of the mind infect you.


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