New Growth

This past week has been extremely busy, yet I still notice places where I can grow.  It’s been six months since I opened the doors to The Healing in Harmony Center, yet it feels like I’ve been here for six years.  It’s become my home and a place of comfort for many.  I still love when people enter the Center for the first time and notice the energy of the space.  They sit down and just don’t want to leave.  That confirms for me that I have created a space where community can grow.

I have been working on each room, step by step, day by day, to bring in new elements and create more space.  There are now three additional practitioners working within the Center.  Tomorrow, I can actually have the evening off because there is no room for me!  I thought I would give you an introduction to the tremendous talent available to you at the Center.

If you have yet to meet PJ Harder, you are missing out on a great joy in your life.  PJ has been a friend of mine for over 12 years.  I have seen her grow and grow and grow and she refuses to stop.  She now puts that energy into helping other people grow in a very joyful and playful way.  If you want to experience PJ at her finest, she teaches QiGong every Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon at the Center.  She also offers private QiGong sessions, coaching and workshops.  Check her out this Wednesday, February 23 at 6:30 p.m. as she offers Healing the Whole Self.   To register or read more about PJ and what she offers please visit her web site.

Danielle Basilicata has joined the Center as our resident Massage Therapist.  Danielle started her career in Wellesley, MA and worked in the Manchester area for the past year.  She is a sweet elemental energy who is filled with love.  If you were at the last Healing in Harmony Night, Danielle was offering mini-massage sessions.   To schedule a session with Danielle, call the Center or contact her directly at 203-915-5697.

Dan Fowle is available now for Akashic Record Readings.  Dan is a natural born reader and an avid learner of everything metaphysical.  He is a certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki practitioner.  His interest in the Akashic Records came from his own desire to understand his current position in life.  As he did the work for himself, he opened up a new world to be able to offer this information for others.  Dan is a gifted medium who has studied with me for almost a year.  He is available for evening appointments.  To schedule with him, please call the Center or Dan directly at 860.978.2891.

Give me another month and we’ll be growing again. As the weather gets warmer, there will be some outdoor offerings and of course, we’ll be using that beautiful patio. Don’t miss out on all the new happenings.  The web site is always updated.  You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter (HIHCenter).  The social media contest is running all year.  For every 100 fans/followers we’ll draw a name for a free 30-minute reading with me.  We’re also aiming for 100 likes each month so visit often.

New growth is good!

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