Dare to Be Different

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results!

Human are creatures of habit.  It’s easier for us to repeat the habit than it is for us to change a habit.  When people come to me, it is usually because they feel stuck in their life.  I first commend them on seeking assistance.  The first step to moving forward is ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.

Blog post photo need a little help blue background Once we acknowledge the issue, the next step is to take a small step forward.  Finding something creative to do is often helpful to get the energy moving.  Creativity raises your Kundalini energy…your empowerment energy. Knit, crochet, take a Zumba class, hit a tennis ball, sing poorly in the shower…anything that takes your mind off your current situation is helpful.

From there, explore your beliefs around the situation.  You might feel stuck in a job because you took the job many years before because it was safe, secure and provided you with steady income.  Just as your skills have grown with the job, your beliefs around work, money and life purpose have probably changed however, your beliefs may have stayed the same.


How can you shift your perspective of your current situation?

Dare to BE Different!  Think outside of the box.  Shake things up and think differently.  Act differently. Be different!  Have an opposite day where everything you would normally do, you do differently. If you normally eat lunch alone, sit with someone for lunch.  If you workout in the afternoon, try working out in the morning or the evening.  Break the cycle.  Break the habit.  Allow the energy to move through you.

If you need a little kick in the butt, I’m teaching a Dare to be Different class on Tuesday, November 4 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.  Call the Center to register 860.430.9801 or visit our Workshops and Events page and complete the form at the bottom.



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