We all have the same 24-hours

Stagnation - take a stepI was facilitating the Women’s Empowerment Meditation the other day and Master Ganesh delivered a message through me to the group.  His message was that “Each of you has the same 24-hours each day.  How do you choose to use yours?”.

That was an interesting concept for many to digest.  The human brain likes to rationalize.  We like to compare ourselves to others as it often helps us see how we are doing in our life.  Instead of judging how others are spending their 24-hours, learn from them. Why is it that some people are more productive in their 24-hours than others? Am I ‘less than’ because I don’t use my 24-hours as productively as they do? Do I believe that I am ‘more than’ because I am more productive?


The point of the comment was that we each possess pure potential.  Pure potential that often goes untapped in our human experience because of fear of the unknown.  Our soul came here to have experiences from which it can learn and grow and evolve.

We can sit still in our 24-hours or we can do something. 

It doesn’t matter what we do.  The Universe does not respond to stagnation.  If you take a step, an appropriate response will be shown to you. Take another step and another response.  The process goes on and on.

How do you choose to use your 24-hours? Leave a comment and let me know what you need for support in taking your first step.

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